the  zipp-chute      ( prototype )

Designed for the practicing golfer, this product incorporates a standard golf ball and
a small drag chute. The idea was to allow the player to hit the ball with a full swing.
A hole goes through the ball...
...where the line is places into.
As the ball takes flight, the small chute opens and catches the air
dropping it only a few feet from the player rather than a couple of
hundred yards away, making the ball retrieval much easier.
As a promotional product,
both the balls & the chutes
could be custom imprinted.
Only two designs are known
to exists, the guam logo as
shown here and a Kendall
version that can be seen at
the Zippo & Case Visitors
Center and Museum in
This product was never offered.
The zipp-chute came folded and packed in this white cardboard box.