In 1999 wristwatches were added to the ZIPPO Mfg. Co. product line.

Eighteen different models were announced in the sales brochure shown below.

Two special sales promotions were held in spring 1999 & in 2000 at the Swap Meet each with a limited edition Zippo lighter only given to buyers of a wristwatch for free.

Zippo   -   Watch what happens   -   Inaugural Run
H  ZIPPO  XV June 2009
black matte regular size
with coa 1 of 500

This Zippo promoting the new
website was only available
as a bonus gift at the
Swap Meet 2000 with the
purchase of a wristwatch and
was given to the first 100 buyers only.
(read the swap meet programme above)
K  ZIPPO  XV November 1999
high polish chrome regular size
ZIPPO W0101 chronograph # 4281
The official Zippo wristwatch dealer catalog showing each model available.