In 1974 the Venetian design was added to the product line. Originally named the Florentine lighter, the design is an intricate leaf and floral pattern etched into the lighter case provided with an initial panel for personalization.  Today, the Venetian lighter remains one of the top selling models.

////  ZIPPO  //// high polish  chrome
1974 regular version

////  ZIPPO  ////

1974 slim version

Venetian  40th   Anniversary
B  ZIPPO  14 June 2001
1974 - 2014
high polish chrome regular size

Annual  Zippo  Click  Collectors  Club  Lighter  2004

The following pieces never made it to the official product line but were test samples made for internal purpose only. 

///  ZIPPO  // high polish  chrome
1977 slim test sample w/black venetian imprint on both sides

pocket knife w/ initial panel
no design on the back brush chrome
a personal gift from Mike Grimaldi in 2009

w/ bigger initial panel, moved upwards
both sided design high polish chrome

same as above but w/ gold plated finish
both sided design gold plated

pull-a-part key ring, engraved & color filled
both sided design brush chrome

venetian pill box
both sided design high polish chrome