D  ZIPPO  06 toffee  finish
D  ZIPPO  06 toffee  finish
International Swap Meet 2006 Zippo / Case first day cover issues
from both days July 21st & 22nd, 2006


Rock around the Zippo clock - twice

Double face clock, sporting the Zippo logo on each side, formerly hung in the Zippo/Case Visitors Center (ZCVC). This prototype was submitted to Zippo marketing in the mid-90's for inclusion in the retail co-op catalog. Since it was not selected, the clock was given to the ZCVC and was mounted above the main counter. It hung there until 2003.



Employee Christmas gift set signed lighter

This is a charming treasure enhanced with special signatures. The set is one of the employee Christmas gifts from last year which celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Barbour Street corporate headquarters. Framed poster, depicting Zippo Barbour Street building, is signed by artist Tom Seagren. The companion lighter also commemorates the anniversary in a computer engraved design. This one-of-a kind piece is signed by Zippo owners George Duke and Sarah Dorn and Zippo President and CEO Greg Booth. The set is an exceptional salute to the 50th year of the building that reflected so much of Mr. Blaisdell's personality and (vision!).

About the artist: Tom Seagren is well known in Bradford for his detailed pen and ink renderings of area homes and buildings. He has won awards at countless local and regional art shows and is an employee in Zippo's Creative Services department.



Hot Tour China 2005 gift set Chinese Flag

Zippo has been turning up the heat in China – the fastest growing market. Launched in 2004, the Zippo Hot Tour China has become on of the biggest nation-wide rock music events. Only 20 of the 2005 Zippo Hot Tour gift sets were produced. The set is comprised of a brass plaque showcasing the satin chrome event lighter, a pen, a blinking pin, and wristband and four distinctive Hot Tour post cards.

Exclusive to China, 250 Hot Tour lighters were produced. Not available for sale, these lighters were used as prizes for participants who joined the Zippo Hot Tour China club during the tour events. The flash pen, blinking pin, and wristband were presented as gifts to the attendees.

In a short period of time, the Zippo Hot Tour China has become one of the events among rock fans. Many fans collect all things Zippo and the Hot Tour lighter is highly sought-after. The Chinese Hot Tour logo was adapted from the US logo, with the addition of a stylized flame and slogan for the event. The slogan says “Ignites the evolution.”




Mysteries of the Forest framed posters signed prints

1995's Mysteries of the Forest was one of Zippo's most popular Collectibles of the Year. Last year Zippo commemorated the 10th anniversary of this collectible by issuing a retrospective lighter which featured the original, and never used, Mysteries artwork. 30,000 lighters were produced, each individually numbered on the spine. This lighter is coveted number 10. The lighter is accompanied by framed reproductions of the original art and the revised art that was chosen for the 1995 collectible. Both are signed by artist Jon Robyn. The lighter is presented in a dome displayer.

About the artist: Jon is a prolific artist working with Barrett-Smythe, a long-time Zippo design partner. Trained as a master engraver, he has been creating unique drawings and graphic designs for Zippo for the past15 years and many of his designs have appeared in both the Complete Line Collection and the Choice catalogs. Jon currently lives in New York and is a regular attendee at the Swap Meet.




Prototype deep-carved milled design lighters

A set of two experimental deep-carved lighters created on a milling machine. Color was added to the artwork via the epoxy fill process. One design is a "sea horse" w/ kelp and the other design is the "Zi" logo. These designs were candidates for the 2006 product line; however, neither of these lighters was selected. It is not often that lighters are released from the Zippo Design Center/Incubator. These treasures have been released especially for the Swap Meet auction.


Zippo Heritage Series collectibles

Artist Proofs of the two most recent editions in the “Keeping the History Alive”™ landmark series created and produced by The Studio. This numbered limited edition series recognizes buildings associated with the background, history and operations of Zippo. The two buildings in this offering are the Bradford Country Club and the Rickerson and Pryde building.

Each collectible is comprised of:

  • an intricately detailed 3-dimensional Shelia's® limited edition wood replica of an historical Zippo-related building

  • an equally detailed custom decorated Zippo windproof lighter that is integrated into the design of the featured structure.

The former Bradford Country Club was the setting in the summer of 1932 for the spark that became the Zippo Windproof Lighter and the Rickerson & Pryde building was the first Zippo factory, occupied in 1933. Information on the each property and its historic significance is detailed on the back of the replica. All components of each set are identically serialized, including the Certificate of Authenticity. The building replicas are made in the USA by Shelia's, Inc. of Charleston, SC.

Only 1500 sets of each building were produced and since these are the first of the hand-signed artists' proofs (AP1/10), they definitely are treasures. Proceeds from this sale will be donated to the McKean County SPCA.



About Bradford Country Club:

The former Bradford Country Club (now a private residence) was the setting on a muggy summer night in 1932 for the spark that became the Zippo Windproof Lighter. George G. Blaisdell, then co-owner of the Blaisdell Oil Co., saw his friend Dick Dresser out on the terrace trying to light a cigarette with a cumbersome unsightly Austrian lighter with a removable top. “You're all dressed up.”, chided Blaisdell. “Why don't you get a lighter that looks decent?” “Well, George,” his friend answered, “it works!” Impressed, Blaisdell obtained U.S. distribution rights for the lighters but, when he couldn't sell them profitably, set out to devise a lighter that would look good and be easy to use. He refashioned the Austrian lighters by designing a rectangular case that would fit the hand, with a top that was attached to a case with a hinge and a wick that was surrounded by a windhood. Thus was born the “attractive lighter that works”, which Blaisdell named Zippo after another recent invention, the zipper.



About Rickerson and Pryde Building:

Zippo s first factory was established in the fall of 1933 above the Rickerson & Pryde garage at 7 Boylston Street in downtown Bradford. Zippo occupied the corner room on the second floor where the Zippo sign in the multi-paned window has become a symbol of the company's early days.

Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell rented this space for $10.00 a month. By the end of the first month, 82 of Blaisell's new Zippo windproof lighters had been produced here.

Later, Zippo operations expanded into the entire second floor, occupying the space until the fall of 1938. This building was torn down around 1960 as part of a flood-control project. A small irregularly-shaped parking lot is all that remains of the location of Zippo's first factory.


D  ZIPPO  06 gold  dust  finish
F  ZIPPO  06 high  polish  brass
The Pennhills Club warmly invited all 2006 Zippo/Case International Swap Meet Collectors to their “WELCOME COLLECTORS RECEPTION” on Wednesday, July 19. Guests were treated to their spectacular hors d'oeuvres buffet from 5:00pm - 8:00pm.

A limited edition Pennhills Club Zippo Lighter was available for purchase at the collectors reception. Only 100 of these lighters were produced, which makes them almost as elusive as a hole-in-one. The side of each lighter is engraved with "Zippo/Case Swap Meet 2006" and is numbered “1 of 100”.
E  ZIPPO  06 high  polish  gold  plated

This high polish gold plated lighter sampled with laser engraving and Zippo’s surface imprint method was designed by Denise Swain, Zippo’s Promotional Products Development Graphic Supervisor, focusing on the original Roseart logo, but using the rose portion from the most current Roseart logo.

By allowing a portion of the actual lighter background to shine through the design created by the laser and green surface imprinted area, an overall pattern of simplicity and elegance was achieved. The reverse imprint copy focused on the event and was green surface imprinted.

The front edge is computer engraved with the Limited Edition 1 of 100.

F  ZIPPO  06 high  polished  chrome

This High Polish Chrome lighter sampled with an overall two-tone laser design was collaboration between the owners of Roseart; Rita Walters, Design Center Manager; and Denise Swain, Promotional Products Development Graphic Design Supervisor.

The laser background pattern was designed by one of Zippo artists and has not been featured in the domestic retail market. By incorporating the most current Roseart logo at a different laser depth than the background pattern, a two-tone design was achieved, while allowing the finish of the high polish lighter to shine through.

The reverse imprint copy is actually the lighter finish showing through a laser depth not generally used for normal production.

The front edge will be computer engraved with the Limited Edition 1 of 100.

This 2006 Roseart Collectible in celebration of the Swap Meet was made of an Emerald Forest Treasure Lighter with laser engravings done on front and back. 

Done in error, the grain of the wood is going horizontal instead of vertical as like all other roseart products.

A limited edition of only 30 pieces.

F  ZIPPO  06

Only a limited number of this new traditions collection Zippo tattoo lighter was available
at the 2006 Zippo/Case International Swap Meet introducing the new honey gold finish.
F  ZIPPO  06 honey gold  finish
The Zippo Tattoo, designed by Traditions Collection artist P.J. Ferrante,
is color imaged on a Honey Gold finish Zippo lighter. Each lighter includes 
a temporary Zippo tattoo matching the design on the lighter and a certificate.
The collectible is packaged in a Zippo tin with a custom Traditions Collection sleeve.

Bradfords famous Walleye fishing team Darrin Pound & Doug Yohe,
were live on stage at the 2006 swap meet for signing from 1:00 to 2:00 am.
McKean County News
Friday, February 24, 2006
Bradford Fishermen Get Big Sponsors
Two Bradford fishermen have hooked local 
sponsors for the upcoming tournament 
fishing season. Zippo and Case are 
sponsoring Doug Yohe and Darrin Pound, 
who compete in the eastern region of 
Cabela's Master Walleye Circuit.
This is the fourth year Yohe and Pound 
have qualified for the National Team
Championship. Zippo and Case owner 
George Duke says the companies are 
pleased to be sponsoring Yohe and Pound, 
and adds that they will represent the 
companies and the community well.
F  ZIPPO  06 only 50 made
brushed  chrome signed & dated 7/22/06
75th  anniversary  pinback  button
75th anniversary business card holder
filled with candy mints
75th  anniversary  sheet  cake  for  the  visitors  of  the  swap  meet  2006


by Tammarrah Miles / Era Reporter     07/21/2006

Project Coordinator for Zippo Manufacturing Co., Shawn Llewellyn, said at the Swap Meet that he and his associates were displaying upcoming design ideas and new products in order to garner collector feedback. "They love it," Llewellyn said when asked about the general response to the new BluFlame lighters and fresh designs and themes. "There's not a lot we can do that they don't like. People have different tastes, but it's the same passion."

The Swap Meet was fairly well attended Friday afternoon, but was even more packed earlier in the day, according to consumer marketing coordinator for W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Fred Feightner.

Lisa Boser, Club Administrator for the Case Collectors Club, which celebrates its 25th birthday this year, said Friday the historical tour Wednesday that allowed club members to travel to the former plant locations and homes of Case family members was a tremendous success. Boser went on to say club members who had previously only chatted on-line through electronic forums got a chance to meet for this first time this year, and put faces with the stories they've heard. "People are really happy to be a part of the Zippo/Case family," Boser said. "They are proud to be club members and are just full of ideas about how to make it better."

Marie McNamara, a Zippo associate in the United Kingdom for the past nine years, showed The Era Friday a collection of Zippo lighters normally sold only in the United Kingdom. She said several collectors had already shown interest in the set. Proceeds from that particular collection will go to the Blaisdell Foundation, she said.

Arthur Hrvatin of Joliet, Ill., who had a table set up Friday, said this was his second Swap Meet. Hrvatin said he came primarily to display his collection of Case knives - about 230 knives, a complete Russ Lock collection, he said. "I'm doing my part for Bradford's economy," Hrvatin laughed.

Frederick Wenzel of Warren collects, buys, sells and trades both Zippo lighters and Case knives, he said. When asked which were his favorite pieces, Wenzel replied like so many other Zippo and Case enthusiasts. "All of them," he said.

Martha Shouse of Rural Hall, N.C., said she and her husband, Tommy, like to collect prototypes of both companies, adding they particularly try to collect Zippo lighters with the Camel cigarettes art. "We've met a lot of people," Shouse said, adding she and her husband got a chance to see some far-flung "friends" Friday from "South Africa, Italy, Canada ...," she said, her voice trailing off as she named other countries.

Robert and Susan Rosenberg of Minneapolis, Minn., were also at the Swap Meet Friday. Robert Rosenberg said he likes to collect older Zippo lighters, and was even featured in his local newspaper, the "Star Tribune" in April as part of a feature story about collectors. He also got some television and radio play this spring due to the article, he said. Rosenberg said he like finding the older pieces that were not intended for collectors. His white whale, he said, is the "Kelvinator," a white refrigerator-shaped Zippo lighter made in the 1950s. While he has seen them before at Swap Meets, he said, the $1,800 being asked for is still a bit rich for his blood.

Allan Silber and Larry Kleinman, both of Cammarrilo, Calif., talked with The Era about their first visit to Pennsylvania Friday. Their airplane was delayed by lightning, they explained, causing them to miss the factory tour at Case they hoped to attend. However, Case officials were able to arrange a special trip to the factory for the pair Friday, Lisa Boser said. "Just the displays on the walls alone were worth the whole trip," Silber said. "Even though they are made with machines, they are made by hand and it's TLC from beginning to the end," Kleinman said. "If I weren't retired," Silber said, "I'd apply for a job here."

to  be  continued ...