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On December 6, 1937, the North Penn Club (founded on June 23, 1924) and the Country Club of Bradford (founded on April 16, 1900) merged to form the Pennhills Club.

The North Penn Club commissioned Walter J. Travis to design an eighteen hole course on more than 20  acres of land just outside of Bradford, PA in 1922.  The first nine holes were built around this time.

The clubhouse was designed by Clifford C. Wendehack (1884-1948).  He was a notable american architect most active during the 1920's. He drew plans for the Pennhills' clubhouse in October of 1937.

After the clubhouse was completed two holes were added to allow play to begin & end at the clubhouse.  

Wendehack is also credited with the design of the clubhouses at Winged Foot, Bethpage, Norwood, Ridgewood and the Park Country Club in neighboring Buffalo, NY.

The remaining seven holes were constructed in 1958 under the supervision of Dick Wilson using the basic layout originally done by Travis.

George Grant Blaisdell's "Hole in One" certificate from the Pennhills Club, October 7, 1950.

The inaugural Zippo Open at the Pennhills Club was held June 24, 1963.

NEW     2nd Zippo Open, 1964

ZIPPO  .  (1964) brush chrome

NEW     4th Zippo Open, June 27, 1966

ZIPPO  rule brush chrome

1968  PENNHILLS  MEMBER - GUEST  greenskeeper
First production year greenskeeper with rare experimental unfinished discs.

Mr. George Grant Blaisdell who was an avid and talented golfer had been an active player at the Pennhills Club long before he established the Zippo Manufacturing Company in 1932.

In 1963, Mr. Blaisdell accomplished another one of his dreams when he hosted the first Zippo Open golf tournament at the Pennhills Country Club. Professional and Amateur golfers from around the U.S. competed in the tournament.

The club hosted the Zippo Open until the 1970's attracting top professionals like Bob Eastman, Marty Fleckman, Gibby Gilbert,  Rocky Thompson and J.C. Goosie.

1968  ZIPPO  OPEN  greenskeeper

The course plays to a par 70 at just over 6400 yards. Although the course has no lakes or ponds, 14 holes have water in play on them due to several creeks that meander through the course.  A mixture of small very undulating severely sloped greens characterize the course.

 11th Zippo Open, June 22, 1973

ZIPPO  (1973) brush chrome

1974  PENNHILLS  MEMBER - GUEST  greenskeeper

Times Herald Golf Special newspaper article, May 6, 1974

NEW     Zippo Amateur Open, 1974

ZIPPO  pull-apart key ring brush chrome

vintage souvenir postcard

1978  PENNHILLS  SWING  DING  pull-a-part keyholder

1979  PENNHILLS  MEMBER - GUEST  pull-a-part keyholder

1980  PENNHILLS  MEMBER - GUEST  deck of cards

1990  PENNHILLS  MEMBER - GUEST  greenskeeper

1990s  PENNHILLS  luggage tag produced by Holgate, Pa.

In 1997 the PENNHILLS  CLUB celebrated its 60th anniversary.

E  ZIPPO  XIII high polish chrome

The indigo mood Zippo was available to zippoclick members only who prebooked the dinner at the Pennhills Country Club that was part of the events of the Swap Meet 2004.

D  ZIPPO  04 indigo mood reverse side 12 / 50

The 6 in 1 constant light was only available for participants of this special event too.

B  ZIPPO  06 street chrome 4 color imprint on the back side
19th hole golf trick Zippo lighter

The Pennhills Club invited all
2006  Swap Meet Collectors to their “WELCOME COLLECTORS RECEPTION” on Wednesday, July 19.

This limited edition Pennhills Club Zippo lighter was available for purchase at the collectors reception. Only 100 of these lighters were produced.

F  ZIPPO  06 high  polish  brass

golfball imprinted with the Pennhills club logo

NEW     Can-Am Golf Tournament at Pennhills Country Club

E  ZIPPO  12 high polish chrome E  ZIPPO  13 high polish chrome

The main entrance to the majestic brick and slate clubhouse created by noted architect, Clifford C. Wendehack.

the impressive domed entrance hall

the fireplace room to the right

the banquet room to the left

Members and guests have the choice of dining in the Blaisdell Room, which overlooks the golf course...

 ...or, during the summer months, to diner on the Terrace, as well as on the poolside...

...or  to enjoy a drink at the bar at the more casual Grille Room.

Next to the bar at the Grille Room one can find an interesting plaque.
Mr. Blaisdell was not only a passionate golf player but also a successful one, winning the Pennhills Club Men's Golf Championship nine times and even scored a Hole-In-One on October 7, 1950 at the 6th hole over a distance of 142 yards with a 6 Iron. Congrats!

All photos of the Pennhills Club were taken on location July 15, 2009.