On Wednesday, January 31st,  2007 this gift set arrived. 

Thank you so much Mike !

Only 50 of these gift sets were produced featuring a high polished chrome Zippo
showing the cover of "And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters - Vol 1"
accompanied by a Ziplite insert, a business card and coa.

to order your copy of Mikes book please follow the link below:


Live Web Chat with Michael Grimaldi

November 12, 2006


click: [7:05] Good evening and welcome to the Click Chat with charter member Mike Grimaldi. 

Mike is the author of the newest Zippo collecting book, And you thought Zippo only made lighters:  A Collectors Guide to Other Products Made by Zippo Manufacturing Company released at the Zippo/Case International Swap Meet in July. 

Welcome Mike.  Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started collecting Zippo products?

rbdabberrb: [7:05]  Hey Click, Hey Mike - we're already begun!

kdsinc1: [7:06] Good evening

kdsinc1: [7:06] well lets see

beerbrandx: [7:06] hiya  kd and click

kdsinc1: [7:06]

I've been a Zippo collector for over 12 years

kdsinc1: [7:06]

my collection has reached about 900 pieces so far

kdsinc1: [7:07]

and I just love being here

click: [7:07] What made you decide to write the book?

kdsinc1: [7:07]

good question

rbdabberrb: [7:07] and how many pieces are lighters and how many are non-lighters?

kdsinc1: [7:07]

the book I wrote was the one I was always hoping someone else would do

click: [7:07] Is it a limited edition book?

kdsinc1: [7:07] pretty much

kdsinc1: [7:08]

only 200 copies were printed

kdsinc1: [7:08]


kdsinc1: [7:08]


click: [7:08] Does anyone have any questions for Mike?

rbdabberrb: [7:08] Yes ;)

zippocan: [7:08] hello and it's great to have you all online.  Mike; about 30 years ago I got a ZIPPO tape that has an acrylic face encompassing a rose.  Are these a standard release?

kdsinc1: [7:08]

it sounds like and Ultralite rule

kdsinc1: [7:09]

they were made during the 1980s

kdsinc1: [7:09]

and came with several designs

rbdabberrb: [7:09] Do they make ultralite rules anymore, do you know?

kdsinc1: [7:10] no, they were the last of the non-lighter Ultralite products to be discontinued

kdsinc1: [7:10]

and were removed from the catalog about 1990

kdsinc1: [7:10]

exact date is in Volume II

rbdabberrb: [7:10] Also, in your humble opinion, what piece will be the most collectible other than those produced for a short time?

rbdabberrb: [7:11] Ah, okay, tease us with what is yet to come in Volume II!!!!

kdsinc1: [7:11]

I would say the rules and knives...

kdsinc1: [7:11] they were produced the longest

kdsinc1: [7:11]

and still offered

kdsinc1: [7:11]

and have the most variety in imprints

rbdabberrb: [7:12] Speaking of imprints, were any pieces produced using the Town & Country process?

kdsinc1: [7:12]

Volume II picks up 1980 and covers everything up to present day

rbdabberrb: [7:12] Hi Len!

camelmanlen: [7:12] Hi Robin & room

click: [7:12] Hey there Len!

kdsinc1: [7:12]

personally I have three rules imprinted with T&C designs

kdsinc1: [7:13]

I have seen a knife, but that's about it

zippocan: [7:13]  To your knowledge is Zippo planning to introduce any new lighter based product.  You know like the MPL

rbdabberrb: [7:13] you're kidding me

kdsinc1: [7:13] the Blu Flame is the next thing on the burner (pun intended)

rbdabberrb: [7:14] Mike, what was the most enjoyable part of doing your book? Obviously, it was a long, long process, etc.

camelmanlen: [7:14] The new hand warmers have been selling well for me

kdsinc1: [7:15]

as cliche as it sounds, it was meeting the people

rbdabberrb: [7:15] We just bought a hand warmer at Smoky Mountain Knife Works Click Together; I don't think I'm allowed to use it!

kdsinc1: [7:15] I have a handwarmer but have yet to use it

camelmanlen: [7:15] You have to be up north robin

kdsinc1: [7:16]

I know an ice skater who is dying to try it

rbdabberrb: [7:16] People with some great pieces it looks like by the pics in your book, ha!

kdsinc1: [7:16]

yes ...

kdsinc1: [7:16]

I saw some awesome collections....

kdsinc1: [7:16]

was loaned some incredible pieces ...

kdsinc1: [7:16]

and swapped some great stories

rbdabberrb: [7:17] did you swap any pieces?!?!

kdsinc1: [7:17]

it really was the personal connections I made that were priceless

kdsinc1: [7:17]

actually I did ...

zippocan: [7:17] Wish I could hang around but duty calls.  Thanks all.  Catch you in the forums.

kdsinc1: [7:17]

one piece in particular ....

rbdabberrb: [7:17] See ya Can!

kdsinc1: [7:17]

a Rockwell ZipLight

camelmanlen: [7:17] That's the nicest part about collecting Mike

click: [7:17] Good night zippocan

kdsinc1: [7:17]

I had to have it for a friend

beerbrandx: [7:17] nighters can

kdsinc1: [7:17] it really is

rbdabberrb: [7:18] I think I'm familiar with it

kdsinc1: [7:18] people you connect with are the best

rbdabberrb: [7:18] Hey Fry!

rbdabberrb: [7:18] I have a whole list of questions, so don't let me monopolize the conversation!!

frybaby49: [7:18] Hi

kdsinc1: [7:18]

fire away

click: [7:19] hi frybaby49!

rbdabberrb: [7:19] What was the hardest section in your book complete?

bummie: [7:19]  Have any HD's (Harley Davidson) been produced on tapes, etc. ?

frybaby49: [7:19] hello everyone

lick: [7:19] hi frybaby49!

rbdabberrb: [7:19] What was the hardest section in your book complete?

bummie: [7:19]  Have any HD's been produced on tapes, etc. ?

frybaby49: [7:19] hello everyone

kdsinc1: [7:19]

hardest section ...

camelmanlen: [7:19] Hi Fry

kdsinc1: [7:19]

the early stuff in general

kdsinc1: [7:20]

there is very little documentation, but most of it came from very reliable personal sources

rbdabberrb: [7:20] That would make sense; trying to find documentation, folks who were "there"

kdsinc1: [7:20]

HD stuff...

bummie: [7:20] Harley

kdsinc1: [7:20]

about 1996 there was an entire catalog of items

kdsinc1: [7:20]

some here and there ...

rbdabberrb: [7:20] Ron... are you listening to this? Do you have any?

kdsinc1: [7:20]

but it exploded in '96

bald_guy: [7:20] knives and ink pens, HD’s?

kdsinc1: [7:21]


kdsinc1: [7:21]

you'll see them in V2

kdsinc1: [7:21]


bald_guy: [7:21] zip lites also

kdsinc1: [7:21]

how about a lossproof ZipLight

kdsinc1: [7:21]

uh huh

bald_guy: [7:21] yes,

kdsinc1: [7:21] it's a beauty

rbdabberrb: [7:22] teaser teaser, okay, keep going, what else will be in Volume II; if it contains anything close to the wealth of info in Volume I - we can't wait!

beerbrandx: [7:22] ? do those plastic clothes lines have any thing to do with the Zippo lighter company as I see they were not made by them

rbdabberrb: [7:22] losssproof Ziplight?

kdsinc1: [7:22]

yes, Volume II is equal in content and tons more in photos

kdsinc1: [7:22]

it's roughly 40 pages longer

camelmanlen: [7:23] Will you be doing a Zippo book cover lighter of that one also?

kdsinc1: [7:23]

no, the clothes lines and pins were no made by OUR company

kdsinc1: [7:23]

it is addressed in my book with photos

kdsinc1: [7:23]

they were made in Ohio

beerbrandx: [7:24] ty

kdsinc1: [7:24]

A Zippo with my book cover is in the works, but will not be offered for sale

rbdabberrb: [7:24] but the zipper wax was produced for OUR company, right?

kdsinc1: [7:24] yes it was

beerbrandx: [7:24] ty

kdsinc1: [7:24]

as was Zirenn the lip balm

rbdabberrb: [7:25] dag, need to toss those other items now...

kdsinc1: [7:25]

yah right

bummie: [7:25] And the Contempo?

rbdabberrb: [7:25] do you know what timeframe the lip balm and zipper were done?

kdsinc1: [7:26]

Contempos are butane lighters made during the 1980s

kdsinc1: [7:26]

I believe they were introduced in the late 40s ...

rbdabberrb: [7:26] That's touched on in OUR book haha

kdsinc1: [7:26]

and according to a recent issue of Click magazine ...

kdsinc1: [7:26]

were offered right up until the 1990s

rbdabberrb: [7:27] Hallow? "recent issue".....

zippolover: [7:27] Hi! I am new to collecting and have a question about the date stamps... should the stamp on the case match the one on the lighter?

bummie: [7:27] Now all I need is a blue flame!

rbdabberrb: [7:27] Len, do you have any non-lighter Camel pieces?

camelmanlen: [7:27] not always

kdsinc1: [7:27]

no necessarily

camelmanlen: [7:27] Many

kdsinc1: [7:27] often times they match, but not always

zippolover: [7:28] thanks very much :)

kdsinc1: [7:28]

I have a couple of Camel knives

kdsinc1: [7:28]

also borrowed an awesome one for V2

camelmanlen: [7:28] Sorry robin, I have a few Zippo Camel Products

rbdabberrb: [7:29] If you get a lighter which has a "newer" insert in an "older" lighter, the insert was probably replaced.

click: [7:29] rbdabberrb...your book - the first Warman's Zippo Field Guide is another great resource book!

kdsinc1: [7:29]

yes it is

kdsinc1: [7:29]

the photography ...WOW!

camelmanlen: [7:29] Good info also

rbdabberrb: [7:29] Thanks guys.

rbdabberrb: [7:29] Camel knives?

kdsinc1: [7:30]

yes, ...

rbdabberrb: [7:30] Can we send pictures on this chat? haha!

kdsinc1: [7:30]

a Cut-about with matching leather sheath...

camelmanlen: [7:30] Yes. I think 2 were made

kdsinc1: [7:30]

a kinve with scissors

rbdabberrb: [7:30] Wow, very collectible then!

kdsinc1: [7:30]

for the Camel GT Challange

kdsinc1: [7:30]

Camel and Harley have always tried other products produced by Zippo

kdsinc1: [7:31]

they're great customers

rbdabberrb: [7:31] Mike, you said you had about 900 pieces; how much of your collection is non-lighter?

camelmanlen: [7:31] You can say that again

zippolover: [7:31] I bought some newer ones on eBay and received with an older but still new insert.

kdsinc1: [7:31]

roughly half

kdsinc1: [7:31]

that happens

kdsinc1: [7:32]

especially with brass lighters

rbdabberrb: [7:32] Exactly

zippolover: [7:32] does value go down?

camelmanlen: [7:32] Why throw away a good insert just because the date is off

rbdabberrb: [7:32] Mike, any plans for a book after Volume II?

kdsinc1: [7:32]

no the value stays the same

kdsinc1: [7:33]

next book ...

kdsinc1: [7:33]

actually yes

rbdabberrb: [7:33] yes, len, that would be like throwing away a ziplight insert because it doesn't work anymore - NOT

kdsinc1: [7:33]

I have a few ideas...

rbdabberrb: [7:33] and... they would be...

kdsinc1: [7:33]

some are in the works for a release next year

kdsinc1: [7:33]

some have been saved for "sometime before I die"

kdsinc1: [7:33] lol

rbdabberrb: [7:34] I hear ya HAHA

kdsinc1: [7:34]

titles are not being released as of yet ;-)

zippolover: [7:34] Thanks again...bye

rbdabberrb: [7:34] figures.... okay, we have some rules, knives, etc.

kdsinc1: [7:34]

uh huh

rbdabberrb: [7:34] what do the rest of you have in the way of non-lighters?

click: [7:34] Mike, one of my favorite non-lighter Zippo products is the Zippo Pill Box.  When did they discontinue those? 

beerbrandx: [7:35] couple belt buckles here

rbdabberrb: [7:35] okay! we only have one belt buckle.

kdsinc1: [7:35]

about 1989

rbdabberrb: [7:35] and only one pill box.

kdsinc1: [7:35]

Pill Boxes are interesting too ...

click: [7:35] I'm on the hunt for a pretty pill box...

kdsinc1: [7:35]

because they were not popular when they were produced ...

bummie: [7:36] Why so?

kdsinc1: [7:36] but are among the most requested products to be reintroduced

rbdabberrb: [7:36] interesting!

click: [7:36] What price range should I expect to pay for one now?

kdsinc1: [7:37]

well, today collectors LOVE them ...

kdsinc1: [7:37]

so the price is kind of high these days ...

kdsinc1: [7:37]

any mint in box pill box sells for about $40+

beerbrandx: [7:37] another ? is that 10 lighter tin with all the Zippo info on it, was that made by Zippo

rbdabberrb: [7:37] If you said this already, I'm sorry - what years were pill boxes produced?

click: [7:37] Sounds like a good gift for Santa to bring me!

kdsinc1: [7:37]

I hope so Kathy

kdsinc1: [7:38]

yes, the tin was offered by Zippo during the 1990s

kdsinc1: [7:38]

it was one of the first things I bought for my collection

bald_guy: [7:38] as was the collector book style case?

kdsinc1: [7:38] pill boxes were made from about 1981 – 1989

kdsinc1: [7:39]

yes bald guy the same idea

kdsinc1: [7:39]

did someone say belt buckles before

rbdabberrb: [7:39] yupper

kdsinc1: [7:39]

aren't they awesome?

beerbrandx: [7:40] ->has 2

rbdabberrb: [7:40] yes, was pleased today to fondle our The Studio one

kdsinc1: [7:40]

belt buckles became popular for ad companies in the 1980s...

rbdabberrb: [7:40] we only have one; they are really kewl beans.

kdsinc1: [7:40]

before that they were almost all military

rbdabberrb: [7:40] and discontinued about when, Mike?

kdsinc1: [7:40]

ooooo give me a second for that one

rbdabberrb: [7:41] no problem; but like you say the main ones I see are military.

bummie: [7:41] Must be in Vol2

beerbrandx: [7:41] mine are 2 navy

beerbrandx: [7:41] newer with the print Zippo

rbdabberrb: [7:42] kewl Beer. Post pics on the Forums ;-)

kdsinc1: [7:42]

I believe it was 2002

bald_guy: [7:42] I would think that pill boxes, tapes, zip lites, buckles, etc, would be more popular now for advertisers

rbdabberrb: [7:42] wow, later than I would've thought then.

kdsinc1: [7:42]

yes, but they are expensive to produce

rbdabberrb: [7:43] more so than lighters?

bald_guy: [7:43] yes, suppose they would be more money

kdsinc1: [7:43]

no, but there's nothing like a Zippo lighter

rbdabberrb: [7:43] good point, but anything that says Zippo on it would please most of us here

kdsinc1: [7:44]


click: [7:44] Does anyone collect Zippo rules?

kdsinc1: [7:44]

I do!

rbdabberrb: [7:44] which brings up another subject - any "new" non-lighter products being introduced?

rbdabberrb: [7:44] Yes, we do!

bald_guy: [7:45] I don't as a rule, pun intended

kdsinc1: [7:45] but you do have a few don't you Ron

beerbrandx: [7:45] still working on lighters here

rbdabberrb: [7:45] As seen in Mike's book, there are some awesome advertising rules to be had.

kdsinc1: [7:45]

you'll get there beer

bald_guy: [7:45] yes, i have a few in a salesman’s sample pack

beerbrandx: [7:45] lol ya i know

camelmanlen: [7:45] N=Me to ron

kdsinc1: [7:45]


kdsinc1: [7:46]

new products ...

kdsinc1: [7:46]

the handwarmer, lighter display stand ...

kdsinc1: [7:46]

each year Zippo seems to bring out new things

click: [7:46]  now.

camelmanlen: [7:46] you have to

kdsinc1: [7:46] that's what makes this so much fun

beerbrandx: [7:47] had a lot of cool stuff at the visitor center

kdsinc1: [7:47]


click: [7:47] I mean...now the lighter stand is available at the ZCVC and online at Zippo.com. 

click: [7:47] Did anyone pick one up at the Swap Meet?

kdsinc1: [7:48]

they're neat

kdsinc1: [7:48]

and work perfectly

beerbrandx: [7:48] na spent too much time in the sale tent

kdsinc1: [7:48]

how did you do?

beerbrandx: [7:48] very happy

click: [7:48] We're gearing up for the 75th Anniversary so there's plenty of non-lighter products coming for the celebration.

kdsinc1: [7:48]

I'm sure

kdsinc1: [7:49]

that should be something

kdsinc1: [7:49] will these products be coming out during the year?

beerbrandx: [7:49] faxed my order in for the 2 lighters fri

click: [7:49] Yes, some are available now at the Visitors Center but there will be plenty next year.

kdsinc1: [7:50]


kdsinc1: [7:50]

I'll be faxing my order tomorrow morning too

click: [7:50] Including a 75th Anniversary bar stool!

kdsinc1: [7:50]

imagine that

rbdabberrb: [7:50] Got kicked off.

beerbrandx: [7:51] wb

click: [7:51] The 75th Anniversary Pilot run is beautiful...did you order that?

bald_guy: [7:51] the bar stool ? Robin?

beerbrandx: [7:51] yes and the slim

kdsinc1: [7:51]

I will be, it looks gorgeous

rbdabberrb: [7:51] Ordered 10 of the magnetic lighter holders. so glad to see them available on line!

rbdabberrb: [7:52] Mike, Kathy, will the lighter holders be available for imprint?

countryron: [7:52] good evening everyone

kdsinc1: [7:52] hi Ron

beerbrandx: [7:52] hi ron

rbdabberrb: [7:52] Hi Ron!

click: [7:52] Great idea but not available imprinted at this time.

bald_guy: [7:52] hey Ron

click: [7:52] Hi Ron

click: [7:52] I'll pass that idea on to promotional products!

click: [7:53] We're test marketing them online right now so we'll see how you all like them.

rbdabberrb: [7:53] One kinda weird question for Mike - will Volume II have the same cover?

camelmanlen: [7:53] Will the battery insert for the Ziplight ever be available again? I have people asking where they can get them

kdsinc1: [7:53]

it's really a great product

rbdabberrb: [7:53] We like 'em, we like 'em ;)

kdsinc1: [7:53] good question and one addressed in V2...

click: [7:53] We're test marketing them online right now so we'll see how you all like them.

rbdabberrb: [7:53] One kinda weird question for Mike - will Volume II have the same cover?

camelmanlen: [7:53] Will the battery insert for the Ziplight ever be available again? I have people asking where they can get them

kdsinc1: [7:53]

it's really a great product

rbdabberrb: [7:53] We like 'em, we like 'em ;)

kdsinc1: [7:54]

the problems that led to the demise of the ZipLight ....

kdsinc1: [7:54]

have been addressed and fixed ...

kdsinc1: [7:54]

however ...

rbdabberrb: [7:54] listening..

kdsinc1: [7:54]

will Zippo actually go into producing them again ...

kdsinc1: [7:54]

there are no plans as of yet .

rbdabberrb: [7:55] I wish they would; they're a really great "Zippo" product to get friends for presents. Everyone needs a flashlight in their pocket or purse.

kdsinc1: [7:56] you never know

rbdabberrb: [7:56] Will any non-lighter piece be produced for the 75th?

camelmanlen: [7:56] I have a few of the inserts but they are all dead

rbdabberrb: [7:56] (besides the bar stool, ha)

click: [7:56]  Yes

rbdabberrb: [7:56] oh boy, tell us tell us

click: [7:57] Mugs, pins, shot glasses, clothes, lighters, fa....ooops that one is a surprise, sorry can't tell!

rbdabberrb: [7:57] Len, we have one that works, but it will cost you hehe

rbdabberrb: [7:57] help, folks, what begins with "fa".....

kdsinc1: [7:58]

actually it is not uncommon to find inserts still working, it was a great product

bald_guy: [7:58] was there a topic in the forums discussing battery replacement for zip lites ?

camelmanlen: [7:58] I think so

kdsinc1: [7:58]

yes and no ...

kdsinc1: [7:58]

some folks have rigged them to work ....

kdsinc1: [7:58]

but it is not recommended

camelmanlen: [7:58] If you open one up there are 2 batteries inside

bald_guy: [7:58] oh, jerry rigged em

kdsinc1: [7:59] yep

kdsinc1: [7:59]

some claim to have had success...

kdsinc1: [7:59]

but I wouldn't try it

camelmanlen: [7:59] and that green corrosion

kdsinc1: [7:59]

yeah, battery acid, ick

bald_guy: [7:59] Mike, do you know the voltage of the lite?

rbdabberrb: [7:59] Mike, before the live chat ends, just want to say thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to produce a book which really needed done - and you did it beautifully!!

kdsinc1: [7:59]

I have no idea, bummie?

kdsinc1: [8:00]

you're the engineer

camelmanlen: [8:00] I agree Robin

bald_guy: [8:00] I concur with Robin

kdsinc1: [8:00]

thank you everyone

beerbrandx: [8:00] yep thanks much

rbdabberrb: [8:00] where's bummie?

kdsinc1: [8:00]

I'm grateful for all the help I received from everyone

countryron: [8:00] your welcome and I thank you also

rbdabberrb: [8:00] green ick and all that..

bummie: [8:00] Thanks Mike!

click: [8:00] Other than the Zippo/Case Visitors Center, where can members purchase your book? 

kdsinc1: [8:01]

I have a web site which is the only other place to buy it now

kdsinc1: [8:01]

it is:

kdsinc1: [8:01]


click: [8:01] Can they have it signed by you to make it more special and collectible?

kdsinc1: [8:01]

 for a member of this club ... of course

rbdabberrb: [8:02] and what a great "coffee table" book for a gift. Yes, we'll take another one, ha!

kdsinc1: [8:02]

just ask when placing an order

rbdabberrb: [8:03] Good night, all - and THANK YOU for joining in this chat and THANKS Mike and THANKS Click!

camelmanlen: [8:03] Bye Robin

kdsinc1: [8:03] thank you all for coming

beerbrandx: [8:03] thanks everyone and niters

click: [8:03] Thanks Mike.

bald_guy: [8:03] yes, thank you Mike and Kathy

kdsinc1: [8:03] see you in the forums

click: [8:04] We look forward to another chat with you in the future!

camelmanlen: [8:04] Bye Mine Thanks for your time tonight

click: [8:04] Thank you everyone for joining us!

kdsinc1: [8:04]

thank you Len, we'll be talking real soon

bummie: [8:04] Great book.  Great Content. Great author!!!

kdsinc1: [8:04] great help along the way

countryron: [8:05] Sorry I showed up so late

countryron: [8:05] wish I had got here sooner

kdsinc1: [8:05]

no problem, glad you came by

bald_guy: [8:05] gotta go, look for some zip lites,, lol

kdsinc1: [8:05]

good luck

countryron: [8:05] and thanks for opening this evening

kdsinc1: [8:05]

we'll be back again soon

camelmanlen: [8:05] here Kathy?

bald_guy: [8:05] ok, bye now

kdsinc1: [8:06] goodnight

click: [8:06] goodnight

camelmanlen: [8:06] Kathy, will this chat be posted somewhere?

click: [8:07] Yes len, I'll get it posted in the forums under Live Chat tomorrow.

camelmanlen: [8:07] Thanks





2nd Live Web Chat with Michael Grimaldi

February 25, 2007


Welcome to our first chat of the year.   Today, we’re chatting with Mike Grimaldi who is a Zippo collector, ZippoClick .com moderator, and author of a two-volume Zippo collecting book series.                                         


As reviewed in Click magazine, Mike's book: "And you thought Zippo only made lighters. A Collectors Guide to the Other Products Made by Zippo Manufacturing Company” focuses on all of the non-lighter products Zippo has produced during their rich 75-year history.


Mike will now field your questions regarding Zippo's many non-lighter product lines, his first book, and what we can expect from the second volume slated for release this summer in Bradford during Zippo's 75th Anniversary Celebration.


click: [12:09] Mike, thanks for coming back for another chat.

andyzip: [12:09] It is about 6 pm over here, nice time to take part

kdsinc1: [12:09] It's my pleasure.   I'm fine, happy to see so many friends from Europe this morning

arthurdent: [12:10] so is the book gonna be ready for the 75th Mike? ;)

kdsinc1: [12:10] I believe so ...

camelmanlen: [12:10] great

kdsinc1: [12:10] It's currently going through final revisions and if I do say so myself ...looks awesome!

click: [12:10] I know we've sold many of your books at the Zippo/Case Visitors Center and online too. 

kdsinc1: [12:11] I've received a lot of positive feedback on it so far

arthurdent: [12:11] good to hear

click: [12:11] What categories are in the new book.

rbdabberrb: [12:11] I don't have Vol 1 in front of me, so what years will Vol 2 cover?

glenhopkins: [12:11] Mike, can you give us some idea of the products it will cover?

andyzip: [12:11] Can t wait to read it, took me only one weekend to finish Vol 1

kdsinc1: [12:11] Vol. II begins at 1980 and covers the catalogs right up to 2007!

bald_guy: [12:12] cool !!!

kdsinc1: [12:12] lots of now discontinued products

arthurdent: [12:12] such as?

kdsinc1: [12:12] Well a favorite is the 13" ruler

garywhyman: [12:12] Surprise! I made it! Welcome everyone who's already here!

kdsinc1: [12:13] welcome Gary

click: [12:13] gary - good to have you join us!

camelmanlen: [12:13] hi gary

arthurdent: [12:13] gary !

garywhyman: [12:13] Plans change! Sometimes for the better! Good to be here. Good afternoon everyone!

kdsinc1: [12:13] anyone familiar with this product?

rbdabberrb: [12:13] 13" ruler.. same as the rule we're used to seeing?

kdsinc1: [12:13] no, not at all

rbdabberrb: [12:13] oh dear

andyzip: [12:14] some info on the z twin knife too I hope

kdsinc1: [12:14] the Z-Twin is covered in detail ...

glenhopkins: [12:14] Never seen a 13" rule here

kdsinc1: [12:14] and includes photos of the prototype for it

kdsinc1: [12:14] the 13" rule was only in production for about 6 months

garywhyman: [12:15] Why such a short production run?

camelmanlen: [12:15] what year?

arthurdent: [12:15] folding or reel type rule?

andyzip: [12:15] so another hard to find one on my wishlist

rbdabberrb: [12:15] shorter production time than the zip-a-part..

kdsinc1: [12:15] 1981, straight type

kdsinc1: [12:15] flat, about 1.5" wide

arthurdent: [12:15] 13"...how odd...

kdsinc1: [12:15] yeah it is kind of an odd measurement

arthurdent: [12:16] must be a Bradford thing...hehehe

kdsinc1: [12:16] a very useful ruler though

kdsinc1: [12:16] dead on straight

rbdabberrb: [12:16] useful? are you crazy?! it's a collectible ;-)

kdsinc1: [12:16] sturdy

kdsinc1: [12:16] but it had one little flaw

andyzip: [12:16] how about NEVER reased inventions from Zippo

kdsinc1: [12:17] which you will read about

rbdabberrb: [12:17] go ahead... flaw... spill it please

kdsinc1: [12:17] :-)

garywhyman: [12:17] He's such a tease...

kdsinc1: [12:17] yes, there are some interesting prototypes that never made it into production

kdsinc1: [12:17] some funky ideas

kdsinc1: [12:18] I was able to get a few snapshots of these as well

kdsinc1: [12:18] of course Pill boxes...

kdsinc1: [12:18] ultralite knives

andyzip: [12:18] and you know we will buy Vol 2 we just hate to wait until we can learn a lot more

kdsinc1: [12:18] writing instruments

kdsinc1: [12:18] all covered

hengilinov: [12:18] Hi everyone that  I didn't say hi to, I am back..sorry for interrupting

kdsinc1: [12:19] hello Henry 

arthurdent: [12:19] cool

kdsinc1: [12:19] well I hope you will buy a copy, more so though, that you will love it

click: [12:19] Mike, what inspired you to collect non-lighter Zippo products and how did you gain all your knowledge about them to write two books?

kdsinc1: [12:19] I am a Zippo collector

rbdabberrb: [12:19] Mike, I have a question - there is a card included in the ZipLight 1st production run for employees. Does the inside of the card have any printing on it?

kdsinc1: [12:20] whatever the company has made, I am interested in

andyzip: [12:20] how about a section of flint dispenser variations

kdsinc1: [12:20] Knowledge was gained by intense research with quite a few folks who were willing to share what they knew with me

kdsinc1: [12:21] I'm very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people along the way

kdsinc1: [12:21] ZipLight...the paper inside simply asked employees to use the product ...

then fill out a questionare a few weeks later

glenhopkins: [12:21] Mike, Any Idea of the last production date for the Ziplight?, I picked up an "E-01" Boxed with matching insert this week.

garywhyman: [12:22] Will we ever hear the details about the flint wheels that had "Z I P P O" engraved/stamped on them?

kdsinc1: [12:22] the last ZipLights were offered in ...2001

rbdabberrb: [12:22] Do you know what I mean? The card, yes, you can read that, but I'm asking if the card opens up, if you were to take it out of the original packaging.

andyzip: [12:22] robin, just have a look at my website, there is a pic of the ZipLight sheet

rbdabberrb: [12:23] duh. I should've known. Thanks.

kdsinc1: [12:23] so in theory a ZipLight dated L 01 would be among the last

bald_guy: [12:23] 6 years and some of them still have good batteries,, amazing

kdsinc1: [12:24] I have an H 01 pictured in the book

glenhopkins: [12:24] Thanks for that - Looks like I should pair it up with the first 2001

kdsinc1: [12:24] great idea

glenhopkins: [12:24] There is a tobacconist near me who still has one for sale!!

camelmanlen: [12:24] I have a ziplight in front of me from 1996 and it still works

kdsinc1: [12:24] flint dispensers

kdsinc1: [12:24] I did not cover these as I thought they were more lighter related,

have not seen many though

kdsinc1: [12:25] imprinted ones that is

kdsinc1: [12:25] oh yeah, I would love to see more of them

kdsinc1: [12:25] and as for the Z I P P O

kdsinc1: [12:25] who knows

bald_guy: [12:25] think I have two Harley zip lites

andyzip: [12:26] are you talking about a third book idea

kdsinc1: [12:26] yes, it is amazing that some of the ZipLights from 10 years ago still work

bald_guy: [12:26] and I think one of those is a loss proof

kdsinc1: [12:26] there is a third book that I have just started

glenhopkins: [12:26] 3rd!!!!?

kdsinc1: [12:27] the loss proof HD ZipLight is very cool

andyzip: [12:27] guess there is quiet some more material you could write about a lot

kdsinc1: [12:27] yes a 3rd, but I am not ready to reveal the details just yet

kdsinc1: [12:27] it is Zippo related, but not this stuff

kdsinc1: [12:27] Vol. II should wrap the non-lighter stuff up

andyzip: [12:28] so you always keep us waiting Mike...

kdsinc1: [12:28] so speaking of ZipLights ...

hengilinov: [12:28] Mike, what can you tell about those Zippo marbles (glass balls), I saw them on ebay, didnt win it, but they looked pretty cool

kdsinc1: [12:28] anyone notice any differences between the inserts?

rbdabberrb: [12:28] Mike G just went to Mike T(ease)

glenhopkins: [12:28] What about the Constant light, I see a lot on Ebay as "Discontinued" - is it still in production?

kdsinc1: [12:28] lol

glenhopkins: [12:28] Yep - there are two inserts

glenhopkins: [12:29] One with a brass strip - one without

kdsinc1: [12:29] marbles are a Zippo promotion,

glenhopkins: [12:29] The later one is overstamped with two dates?

kdsinc1: [12:29] like coffee mugs or t-shirts

kdsinc1: [12:29] Well the metal strip is part of the major differences.The earlier inserts were hand assembled. The later were sealed and machine assembled. Interestly, the hand made ones lasted longer

rbdabberrb: [12:30] One more question about the ZipLight 1st production run - is there any way to get that darned packaging open without ripping it to shreds?

kdsinc1: [12:31] I would take a razor blade and carefully slice the plastic just enough to get at it.

kdsinc1: [12:31] constant light...it has been discontinued from the catalog. I do not know why

andyzip: [12:31] the 6in1 constant light is hard to find with company advertising but I liked the idea a lot, especially for the easy changeable batteries.

kdsinc1: [12:32] you will read in Vol. II that the constant light essentially replaced the ZipLight

glenhopkins: [12:32] Thanks - I think it's a great product

kdsinc1: [12:32] but I am still after Pat Grandy to bring back the ZipLight

rbdabberrb: [12:32] YES YES YES

bald_guy: [12:32] i concur

kdsinc1: [12:32] he is being reluctant

rbdabberrb: [12:33] I can't count the folks who have seen ours and said they'd love to get some for their children, for gifts, etc.

kdsinc1: [12:33] actually according to salesman ...the ZipLight is the second most requested product to bring back into production

glenhopkins: [12:33] If it could be adapted to take a standard AAA battery, then it would be a winner

andyzip: [12:33] and the first one...

rbdabberrb: [12:33] I'll be dagged. What's the first?

kdsinc1: [12:34] pill box

kdsinc1: [12:34] well again in the book ...it is explained why the ZipLight was dropped

click: [12:34] Send your letters of request for new products to our Consumer Relations Department!

rbdabberrb: [12:34] Thanks, Click - will do!

click: [12:34] Consumer Relations gathers information about requests, problems, etc. and takes them to the folks that need to know. 

hengilinov: [12:34] Oh man, why would a pill box be so popular after what happened to Anna Nicole

kdsinc1: [12:35] well I think Anna had a lot more going on than that

click: [12:35] I'd like to see the Pill box again...in pretty pink colors!  I'll write the first letter!

andyzip: [12:35] candy pvd pill boxes would be cool

kdsinc1: [12:35] it was a great product, although not very popular when in the catalog

rbdabberrb: [12:35] LOL - you could even save on postage ;-)

kdsinc1: [12:36] that is why examples today are kind of hard to find

rbdabberrb: [12:36] Mike, what is your personal favorite item/section in Vol 2?

kdsinc1: [12:36] hmmmm

andyzip: [12:36] I once saw a pill box display on ebay for an enormous amount

kdsinc1: [12:37] I would have to say the Ultralite knives

kdsinc1: [12:37] I saw that one too

rbdabberrb: [12:37] Does everyone here own a pill box?

kdsinc1: [12:37] they were made during the 1980s

kdsinc1: [12:37] simple, yet classy

arthurdent: [12:37] just one so far Robin

rbdabberrb: [12:37] Will look forward to reading about the knives!

hengilinov: [12:37] I own the pills but not the box, so will have to look into that Robin

bald_guy: [12:37] no pill box here, don't think

andyzip: [12:38] yes, I got one ultralite, some hpc and bc

glenhopkins: [12:38] 3 here

rbdabberrb: [12:38] we only have one, too, but it's a double sided trucking advertiser!

kdsinc1: [12:38] I have a few too

rbdabberrb: [12:38] Ron, look under your couch, I'm sure you have one somewhere.

bald_guy: [12:38] lol

kdsinc1: [12:38] still looking for one for Kathy

glenhopkins: [12:38] Black, Maroon and Brused chrome - Would love to find an Ad

andyzip: [12:38] the well know RX desing is my favourite

kdsinc1: [12:38]

yes, that is a classic

arthurdent: [12:38] got a construction coy advert here

kdsinc1: [12:39] it is amazing how many different advertisers there are

kdsinc1: [12:39] I mean really what does a construction company have to do with medication

andyzip: [12:39] but I guess not as much as in the ruler section...

arthurdent: [12:39] other than induce the headaches!

kdsinc1: [12:39]ah yeah

glenhopkins: [12:39] LOL

rbdabberrb: [12:40] exactly!

kdsinc1: [12:40] well you know how those contractors are :-)

arthurdent: [12:40] darn straight Mike!

camelmanlen: [12:40] did zippo ever make a hand warmer before the ones that are out now?

arthurdent: [12:40] hahaha

kdsinc1: [12:40] they never produced them but ...there was a prototype  

andyzip: [12:40] there were some available in Japan in 2001 I think

camelmanlen: [12:41] Yes

kdsinc1: [12:41] yes, it is not like the one being offered but ...it shows that the idea was there years ago

kdsinc1: [12:41] has anyone tried the new one yet?

camelmanlen: [12:41] They work great and sell well

rbdabberrb: [12:41] New pill box?

kdsinc1: [12:42] hand warmer

click: [12:42] Yes...I hope!!!

arthurdent: [12:42] still need to get one myself...

click: [12:42] Pill box that is ; )

rbdabberrb: [12:42] We have a hand warmer, but Dana won't let me take it out of the box.

kdsinc1: [12:42] why not?

rbdabberrb: [12:42] Silly, it's a collectible!

camelmanlen: [12:43] robin, you need to buy another one to use

kdsinc1: [12:43] that's why we buy two!

rbdabberrb: [12:43] I know.. I know..

kdsinc1: [12:43] Len can hook you up

rbdabberrb: [12:44] Yes, there are a couple nice things in the 2007 catalog!

kdsinc1: [12:44] what is your favorite

rbdabberrb: [12:44] Also, want to ask if anyone who has a Zip-A-Part keychain has broken it when they tried to pull it apart.

rbdabberrb: [12:45] too numerous to mention!

kdsinc1: [12:45] almost

garywhyman: [12:45] The 2007 Catalog just about hurt me!

kdsinc1: [12:45] the Zip-A-Part has two weak spots

kdsinc1: [12:45] the little hooks on the ends might not break, but will open up

and the inside wire spring, these springs are very fragile

kdsinc1: [12:46] and since these are worth $100+

rbdabberrb: [12:46] Welp, that answered that question. We'll just admire..

kdsinc1: [12:46] it might be better to use one of Zippo's other models

kdsinc1: [12:47] the key holders work great

rbdabberrb: [12:47] Mike, can you tell us approximately how many pics will be in Vol II?

kdsinc1: [12:47] Good question. Vol. I had over 650 I believe.  Vol. II has over 750!!! and 50 additional pages

rbdabberrb: [12:48] Fabulous

kdsinc1: [12:48] it was quite a project

kdsinc1: [12:48] got some great salesman samples

rbdabberrb: [12:48] you're killing us

kdsinc1: [12:49] tons of advertisers

andyzip: [12:49] and some prototypes to we guess

kdsinc1: [12:49] and well over a dozen pill boxes

kdsinc1: [12:49] yep, got some of those too

kdsinc1: [12:50] has anyone ever seen a Zip-Chute?

andyzip: [12:50] a what...

kdsinc1: [12:50] this will tell us who has been to the ZCVC

garywhyman: [12:50] Mike, could you say that your sources of actual items lies more with people who worked at Zippo, or avid (lucky) collectors?

kdsinc1: [12:50] a bit of both Gary

kdsinc1: [12:50] collectors had the great pieces, employees had the information . . . it was a perfect balance

hengilinov: [12:50] whats a zip-chute?

andyzip: [12:51] if I only could be a Zippo employee

garywhyman: [12:51] I've been to the ZCVC maybe 15, maybe 20 times.... and I have to beg stupidity... What's a Zip-chute?

kdsinc1: [12:51] ok, the ZipChute was a prototype product

kdsinc1: [12:51] it is a small parachute attached to a golf ball

kdsinc1: [12:52] the idea was to practice hitting the golf ball without having to retrieve it from a couple hundred yards away

kdsinc1: [12:52] ball is hit, takes off

andyzip: [12:52] and I have seen one on ebay years back and thought is was not Zippo at all

kdsinc1: [12:52] chute opens and drops it close

arthurdent: [12:52] if I didn't know better I'd say your were pulling our legs

kdsinc1: [12:53] not at all

kdsinc1: [12:53] I knew of two in existence but ...have recently heard of a few more

kdsinc1: [12:53] so you never know they may turn up for sale someday

andyzip: [12:53] maybe the one on ebay was a fake though

kdsinc1: [12:54] the one pictured in Vol. II has a mock-up box

rbdabberrb: [12:54] We'll see the Zip-Chute in Vol II/

kdsinc1: [12:54] maybe, I guess it would depend on who was selling it

kdsinc1: [12:54] yep, box and all

kdsinc1: [12:54] and get this ...it's a Kendall advertiser

kdsinc1: [12:55] got a few pages on Kendall too

andyzip: [12:55] how about Contempos in Vol 2

arthurdent: [12:55] cool

rbdabberrb: [12:55] nice!

kdsinc1: [12:55] left out the Contempos too, sorry, they fell under lighters

rbdabberrb: [12:56] naw, they're lighters.

kdsinc1: [12:56] besides I think Robin covered them didn't she?

click: [12:57] ...and Robin, when are you and Dana going to write your volume 2?

kdsinc1: [12:57] good question  

andyzip: [12:57] yes, interesting question click

rbdabberrb: [12:57] So, Mike, your book is in its final stages, you're starting on a 3rd - what else do you have in the works?

kdsinc1: [12:57] don't avoid the question

arthurdent: [12:58] Robin! hahaha

click: [12:58] For those new collectors that joined us, Dana and Robin Baumgartner are authors of Zippo's first "Warman's Field Guide" released last year.

kdsinc1: [12:58] a great resource  

andyzip: [12:58] and fantastic pictures

arthurdent: [12:58] indeed it is

kdsinc1: [12:59] the best

rbdabberrb: [12:59] (Dana's hollaring from across the house "Robin, answer the question")

kdsinc1: [12:59] lol

click: [12:59] well????

hengilinov: [12:59] gotta give that to them, A+ indeed

garywhyman: [12:59] Do you realize how challenging it is to do 'filing' while reading these lines and laughing....?

rbdabberrb: [12:59] Ah, thank you so much for the kind words. We enjoyed it, as Mike is enjoying his projects.

click: [1:00] I'm still on the edge of my seat Gary ...stopped even drinking my tea....

andyzip: [1:00] I would love to see a book filled with Zippo ads from 1933 up to 2007

kdsinc1: [1:00] I heard that is in the works by another Click member

rbdabberrb: [1:01] It is???

andyzip: [1:01] tell us more

kdsinc1: [1:01] well a few members are currently working on projects which I can't wait for

rbdabberrb: [1:01] now WE can't either and we don't even know what we're waiting on, ha!

kdsinc1: [1:01] there is one of Zippo advertising

kdsinc1: [1:02] another on Zippo Canada

garywhyman: [1:02] I would love to see an article in the Click about the WGI Zippos. There are some amazing lighters out there that no one but Zippo execs, guests, and special friends can attest to. Peggy? Kathy?

kdsinc1: [1:02] and the idea is still floating around for a book on Slims

kdsinc1: [1:02] great idea Gary

andyzip: [1:02] another great resource for dating Zippo design releases

click: [1:03] That's a great article idea Gary ...I'll see what Peggy can gather...she's got a nice collection!

kdsinc1: [1:03] she should

andyzip: [1:04] click, the christmas cards and displays on ZippoClick were fantastic, please go on...

kdsinc1: [1:04] indeed, really enjoyed seeing those as well

click: [1:04] Thank you so much Mike for joining us for the live chat today.  We're looking forward to the release of your new volume two and the new one (you still didn't tell us about ye :))

kdsinc1: [1:05] well if all goes good, you will know about it this summer

rbdabberrb: [1:05] Thanks Mike! Thanks Zippo Click!

click: [1:05] Thank you everyone for joining us today.  It's always fun to Click Together whether in a live chat or in person.

glenhopkins: [1:05] Yes, Thanks mike + Click - especially for the timing

andyzip: [1:05] thanks for all the info on your Vol 2 Mike, have a great sunday...

garywhyman: [1:05] To all... thanks for the chat. It was stimulating! :o) Especially Thanks to Mike, Kathy, and Robin & Dana.

kdsinc1: [1:05] It was my pleasure

rbdabberrb: [1:05] Happy Birthday Andy!

arthurdent: [1:05] cheers Mike

kdsinc1: [1:05] thank you Click for the opportunity

andyzip: [1:06] thanks Robin !!!!

kdsinc1: [1:06] is it today Andy?

click: [1:06] My pleasure - this is a great way to spend a Sunday ...with all of you.  Thank you all.

rbdabberrb: [1:06] (Dana, get off the computer now and get to work on that next book!)

camelmanlen: [1:06] nice chatting with everyone

click: [1:06] Happy birthday Andy!