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from: THE TRIBUNE-REVIEW     Sunday, May 2, 2004

Zippo Manufacturing Co. appeals to both high-tech Generation X and the generally
low-tech Greatest Generation with two completely different offerings.
Perhaps spawned by what writer Ann Powers called the "Zippo moment" at concerts
when fans wave their lighters overhead expecting their favorite song, the Zippo Hot Tour
is a contest for independent or unsigned modern or punk bands. Sites will be Pittsburgh;
Austin, Texas; Palm Beach, Fla.; Minneapolis, Minn.; San Diego, Calif.; Ann Arbor, Mich.;
Boulder, Colo.; and Raleigh/Durham, N.C. By May 28, bands could register online. 
The three-part elimination contest began June 15 when fans listen to and vote on music
at the Web site, deciding who is Hot or Not. A panel of people in the music industry
established a core group of qualifying bands. Six to eight bands advanced to the second
round on Oct. 1. Then they will perform live at local events during the eight-week tour in
their respective cities. There, the audiences will vote. One band from each city will advance 
to the finals. Through December, fans will again vote at 
The winning band will receive a trip to New York City to perform for major label
representatives and also receive a new equipment package.

street chrome C  ZIPPO  04 base cap w/embroidered hot tour logo

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tour t-shirt (backside) with event places and bands

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