On July 1, 2006 the Zippo street lighters line in front of Zippo's headquarters on Barbour street in Bradford were decorated with the 75th Anniversary artwork...

...and at the Zippo / Case Visitors Center near the main entry area a 75-shaped hedge already announced what would come soon.

Only July 21, 2006 attendants of the Zippo / Case International Swap Meet were invited to have a piece of the 75th Anniversary cake...

...have a first glimpse on the prototypes of the forthcoming 75th anniversary Zippo lighters.

In August 2006, a pilot run for the Zippo 75th Anniversary limited edition lighter was produced to test five customization processes to the surface of the high polish chrome Armor (TM)Zippo.

On October 11, 2006 this pilot run was offered on the Zippo Click website and was sold out only 12 days later on October 22, 2006  ! ! ! 

To ensure the authenticity of the collectible, the side is engraved Zippo Click Limited Edition.The remaining 227 lighters from the pilot run of 500 were available to members of the Zippo Click Collectors Club only.

75th Anniversary
limited Click edition 1 of 227
A  ZIPPO  1932 2007 January 2007
high polish chrome armor

The version below shows one of the 273 lighters from the pilot run of 500 that did not pass the quality test. It was taken off the production run before the red epoxy fill to the flame and the Swarovsy chrystal stone was attached.


75th Anniversary
limited CLICK edition 1 of 273
A  ZIPPO  1932  2007 January 2007
high polish chrome

75th Anniversary Limited Edition
in black embossed self display gift box
A  ZIPPO  1932  2007 May 2012
high polish chrome armor 1 of 14,000

Although the sales sheet announced only 30,000 worldwide a total of 37,198 were produced in the end. The spreadsheet shows the production numbers for all the 34 countries this limited edtion was released & their specific side engravings plus the ZippoClick edition of 227 only.

A  ZIPPO  07 January 2007
high polish chrome commemorative edition

75th Anniversary
premium lighter fluid
75th Anniversary pin and
clic clac tin containing mints

75th Anniversary
business card holder
the business card holder contains mints too and
was produced by clic clac Co., New York

75th Anniversary postcards

F  ZIPPO  07 June 2007
vintage 1937 replica 132 / 500

75th Anniversary
employee only edition
A  ZIPPO  07 January 2007
employee's name engraved on side

Certificate of Authenticity

As Zippo celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2007, we are reminded of George G. Blaisdell's long term vision for the beloved company he created in 1932. To many people throughout the world, Zippo represents a benchmark against which their day-to-day lifestyles are measured - a dependable product built with integrity you can count on, even in an ever changing world. We salute the employees of Zippo, both past and present, for the significant contribution they have made to make Zippo Manufacturing Company the great company it is today.

75th Anniversary
for selected Zippo guests and associates
F  ZIPPO  07 June 2007
high polish chrome  

Certificate of Authenticity

In celebration of Zippo's 75th Anniversary, this lighter was created for worldwide distribution. Dramatic two-tone laser engraving embellishes Zippo's classic high polish chrome finish, and identifies the lighter as a genuine 75th Anniversary commemorative. The collectible lighter is pillowed in black satin in an embossed self-display box.

That special design was presented to selected Zippo guests and associates during the 2007 Zippo Swap Meet.

75th Anniversary champagne glass
employees' Christmas gift 2006

75th Anniversary 2007 Executive Diary


K  ZIPPO  07 November 2007
candy apple red salesman only release

2007 Club Collectible
L   ZIPPO  06 December 2006



ZIPPO CLICK TOGETER at the Summer Celebration #1
candy apple red only available at the event
B  ZIPPO  07 February 2007
ZIPPO CLICK TOGETER at the Summer Celebration #2
candy apple red only available at the event
F  ZIPPO  07 June 2007


75th Anniversary (front side)
brushed chrome  
subSparks (back side)
K  ZIPPO  07 November 2007


75th Anniversary package design
black matte 1 of 30
D  ZIPPO  12 April 2012

75th Anniversary by Claudio Mazzi
airbrushed one of a kind

75th Anniversary by Paul Fleming
hand engraved one of a kind

75th Anniversary by Roseart
cherry table lighter one of a kind
75th Anniversary by Roseart
curly maple table lighter 1 of 75

75th Anniversary by Roseart
high polish gold plated 15 of 125

75th Anniversary by Roseart
high polish champagne 15 of 125

75th Anniversary by Roseart  (Zippo & Case)
rosewood 1 of 75


Bradford Area Business “Celebrating with Zippo” Collection Lighters

Number of Bradford businesses have supported Zippo over the years

Era Reporter | Posted: Thursday, July 26, 2007 12:00 am

A number of Bradford businesses have supported the Zippo Manufacturing Co. over the years.

For the company's 75th Anniversary Celebration, Zippo has decided to give some support back in the form of a new lighter series.

The Bradford Area Business "Celebrating with Zippo" 75th lighter series features logos for Beefeaters, Best Western, Corner Bar, DeSoto Holiday House, Main Street Mercantile, Emery Espresso Bar, Graham Florist, Lastella Lodge Italian Club, John Williams European Pastry, Lisa's Hairport, Model T Inn, New City Line, The Willows and Players Downtown.

Zippo is "very proud to be a part of the Bradford community," said Kathy Jones, Zippo's liaison for the lighter series project. "I know the family and Mr. Duke and Mrs. Dorn are very proud to be here in Bradford. And we certainly appreciate all the community has done for us (with) so many wonderful gestures."

The businesses and community have "extended themselves to our celebration, offering assistance, locations and an outpouring of generosity," Jones added. "It's a great thing that these businesses can celebrate with us. They have supported us throughout the years. The celebration is about them as much as (it is about) our successes, (which) wouldn't happen without our community. We certainly appreciate their support."

Jones said that some of the businesses in the series inquired about getting their business logo on a lighter, and that's when the promotional product division at Zippo came up with the template to put their business logos on the lighters.

"These are the only lighters authorized to have our official 75th anniversary logo on them," Jones said. "It really is special because of that. We (advertised the lighters) on our collectors' Web site, and they've been absolutely frantic finding all the lighters in the series. There have even been (collectors) already trading in for the ones they need. They want everything Bradford."

Jones said the lighters are such a hot commodity because they are so limited with only 14 produced in the series.

"Each retailer made the decision on the number (of lighters) purchased," Pat Grandy, marketing communications director for Zippo, said. "I understand that some of the businesses have already sold out."

Jones said the businesses are "so excited" to be a part of Zippo's anniversary in this way. She said the series, with the collectors online trading with each other to get a complete set, will not only bring worldwide exposure to Zippo but also to those businesses.

"The collectors have created a relationship with these business owners," Jones said. "The collectors call these businesses and developed a personal relationship. They go in and chat with them. And the business owners appreciate their business."

Jones said Zippo has produced lighters for some of these businesses before this series.

"And the new ones are realizing that from this there is a big demand for businesses on Zippo lighters," Jones said. "Some businesses even want to extend their logo onto (Zippo) hand warmers. They want to diversify … to other (Zippo) products (with) their business logo on it."

The most recent local business to use a lighter to promote their business is the newly-opened Emery Espresso Bar on Boylston Street, but a number of other local businesses have had their logos on Zippo lighters over Zippo's history. The first logo to be placed on a Zippo lighter was Bradford's Kendall Oil in 1936.

Jones said there have also been other area businesses that have placed their logo on Zippo lighters, and those will also be available during Zippo's anniversary celebration.

One such lighter promotes the Bradford Area Business Group. Since the first "Gazebo" lighter produced by then the Downtown Merchants, this collection is one of the most sought-after by collectors around the world.


75th Anniversary  -  Celebrating Together
The Italian Club
J  ZIPPO  06 October 2006
cool kiwi 4 / 25
75th Anniversary  -  Celebrating Together
John William's European Pastry Shop
A  ZIPPO  07 January 2007
navy matte 1 of 25

75th Anniversary  -  Celebrating Together
Best Western - Bradford Inn
C  ZIPPO  07 March 2007
royal blue matte 16 / 25
75th Anniversary  -  Celebrating Together
Downtown Bradford
F  ZIPPO  07 June 2007
purple metallic pvd 27 / 50

photos courtesy of Mike Grimaldi  showing all 14 releases


75th Anniversary of RTDA (front side)
chrome noir 1 of 2,500
75th Anniversary of Zippo (back side)
D  ZIPPO  06 April 2006



C  ZIPPO  07 March 2007
limited edition street chrome
499 / 500


SWAP MEET  -  Hobro, Denmark  -  2007
brushed chrome  
43 / 50
H  ZIPPO  07 August 2007


Frenchman Karoubi bids $37,000 for Zippo lighter

Frenchman Didier Karoubi walked away Saturday afternoon the owner of an original 1933 Zippo lighter with a winning bid of $37,000 — the highest ever paid for an original Zippo.

Karoubi outlasted all other bidders to own the prized lighter, taken from the Zippo archive for the 75th anniversary festivities. This was the first public auction offered by Zippo. Collectors from around the world were ready Saturday afternoon when bidding for the 1933 lighter — the last item on the block — started about two hours after the auction began.

Before the bidding even started, however, the crowd was invited to come to the front of the tent while Zippo historian Linda Meabon — with white gloves — took the lighter out of the display case to show potential buyers the inside. Several rushed up to Meabon as if she were a celebrity to see the lighter up close and, with cameras in hand, took pictures of the lighter so they could at least take a digital image of the item if not the item itself. One woman from the Philippines scanned the crowd, darting her camera to focus in on whoever was bidding — one man in front, another person taking bids over the phone — so she could capture the winning bid as it unfolded. In the end, it was Karoubi, director of marketing of Zippo in France, who outlasted the competitors. “Because it’s an original,” Karoubi said of why he bid that amount shortly after placing the winning bid, adding he did not know how high he would have gone with his bidding. “There’s no value for this.”

Karoubi, who has been collecting Zippos for 20 years, was then mobbed after placing the winning bid with several other collectors congratulating him. Bidding for Saturday’s auction was also taken over the Internet — the highest bid for the 1933 lighter, which sold for $1.95 off the production line, was $12,000. The bid was also more than double the price paid for an original lighter. At the Zippo Swap Meet in Tokyo in 2001, a collector paid $18,000. That jump in value spoke volumes, according to Greg Booth, Zippo president and chief executive officer. “A ’33 lighter gone for $37,000,” he said. “It has to spell success.” Booth said 27 of Zippo’s international partners made contributions to the auction which added to the “interest and excitement as collectors bid for the items.” There were 250 collectors representing 45 countries at this weekend’s events. “It was perfect,” Booth said of the two-day event. He added that Zippo employees had worked the past 12 months on the anniversary. “It could not have been more successful,” he said.

Booth himself did not walk away empty handed from Saturday’s auction. He placed the winning bid of $3,300 on a set of eight lighters with anniversary logos from the 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 75th anniversaries. Only 15 logo sets were ever made — one for the auction, one for the Zippo archives and for the remaining members of the Blaisdell family. That makes Booth the only person outside the Blaisdell family to own that collection. “I think it will be worth the investment,” Booth said, winking. “I would have gone higher.” A man from Dallas, Pa., has unique ownership of another set.

Joseph Makarewicz is the only person in the world to own a set of the new Zippo BLU butane prototype lighters. The Zippo BLUs will not be available in the U.S. until later this summer. Makarewicz paid $2,075 on four packages — $1,150 for a set of five Zippo BLU butane lighter prototypes; $650 for a set of 16 anniversary edition prototype lighters; $150 for a lighter with a Bulgarian football logo; and $125 for a lighter with an Indian feather on it with a turquoise stone. These new purchases join the 9,000 Zippo lighters Makarewicz already owns, along with the 3,500 Case knives. Makarewicz is planning on building a special room to store his finds — a replica of the original Zippo office. He started collecting Zippo when a friend of his gave him a set one time. “He created a monster,” Makarewicz said. Makarewicz and his wife have been coming to Bradford to indulge his love of Zippos for years. “We come every year,” said his wife, Patricia Makarewicz. “We always come for Zippo Days. She remarked that the last time they were in Bradford, they took tours of both Case and Zippo. “The employees are very proud to work there,” she said.

Other big auction sellers were the Super Bowl XL Championship set, the one that the Pittsburgh Steelers won — $3,500; Claudio Mazzi 75th anniversary collectible — $1,600; Case Bowie knife and Zippo lighter collectible — $2,500; and $2,400 for a Zippo signet lighter.   

75th Anniversary Auction Listing

All these Zippo items were up for bid on Saturday, July 28 from 1 to 3 p.m.

at the Zippo/Case Visitors Center.

Auctioneers & Appraisers
2593 West Five Mile Road, Allegany, New York 14706


#7501     Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Collectibles

Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded in 1903 in Milwaukee, WI and has since become the world leader in manufacturing heavyweight motorcycles. In 2003, during their 100 years celebration, Harley-Davidson introduced two exclusive anniversary collectibles, which they in turn donated to Zippo for our own 75th Anniversary celebration auction.

This limited edition sterling silver Zippo lighter features Harley-Davidson's exclusive 100th anniversary logo as a sterling silver emblem and is packaged in a black velour box. This lighter is a prototype of the order placed in 2003 for the 100th anniversary. This collectible was made in the USA exclusively for Harley-Davidson by Zippo and was limited to only 2,003 pieces.

The limited edition pocket watch is constructed of solid stainless steel wit a mother-of-pearl dial ring, seconds subdial, top and bottom covers, and a 15” chain. The 17-jewel mechanical movement, visible through the dial, ensures heirloom quality. This edition, handcrafted by Bulova in Switzerland exclusively for Harley-Davidson is number 1,834 of 2,003 pieces and is displayed in a black acrylic box complete with the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary logo.

Winning bid - $300.00

#7502     "Glisten" by Paul G. Fleming

From the hand-engraved bottom to the three-dimensional Plexiglas display, every facet of this collectible is truly unique. Glisten's sapphire finish erupts with intricate, dimensional carving on all surfaces, highlighted by the Zippo flame on front and back.

Artist Paul Fleming enhanced the famous Zippo bottom stamp with hand-engraving affirming that Glisten is No. 1 of 1, and included his initials, PGF '07. This rare collectible is displayed in an acrylic case etched with the Zippo 75th anniversary logo and 75 years of constant flame in an erratic world. A hand-signed certificate authenticates this exceptional lighter was produced specially for the 2007 75th Anniversary Charity Auction.

Winning bid - $325.00

#7503     Silver Anniversary Scroll Lighter

This exquisite lighter is one of three unique pieces designed by Zippo France in honor of Zippo's 75th anniversary.

The silver plated lighter features a full-face multi-layered wooden emblem front and back, enhanced by a solid silver scroll engraved by one of the top artists in France. More than eight hours were required to engrave the astonishing detail by hand, using a fine chisel and hammer. Delicate numbering in the lower right of the parchment design authenticates this lighter as 1 of 3.

Winning bid - $500.00

#7504     Zippo Neon Light Box

This Zippo 75th anniversary neon light box has been offered to Zippo lighter dealers exclusively in China, Hong Kong and Macao.

Winning bid - $450.00

#7505     Super Bowl XL Championship Set

Own a piece of football history with this one-of-a-kind Super Bowl XL commemorative set. This set includes game-used football #98 of 108 used in Super Bowl XL between the Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers on February 5, 2006 in Detroit, MI. The football, complete with Certificate of Authenticity, is displayed in an etched Pittsburgh Steelers logo case.

The set includes an exclusive Pittsburgh Steelers full face emblem lighter enhanced with Swarovski crystals pillowed in a leatherette box imprinted with the Steelers logo. A total of 1,452 limited edition Pittsburgh Steelers lighters were produced and available through the Danbury Mint.

Winning bid - $3,500.00

#7506     Zippo Anniversary Logo Set

In celebration of 75 years as the world's most dependable source of portable flame, Zippo has produced an exclusive set of eight lighters that depict the Zippo anniversary logos for 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 75 years.

Only 15 of the anniversary logo sets were made: one for the 75th Anniversary auction, one for the Zippo archives and the remaining for the members of the Blaisdell family.

The eight logos are deep carved on high polish chrome Armor™ lighters branded with the 75th Anniversary Edition bottom stamp. All eight pieces feature a unique engraved border following the contour of the lighter and a red Zippo flame, the only colored portion of each lighter.

These are the following processes for each anniversary logo lighter:

25th Anniversary: deep carve, laser two-tone, and surface imprint

30th Anniversary: deep carve, laser engrave, rotary engrave and surface imprint

40th Anniversary: deep carve, lustre, etch paint, and laser two-tone

50th Anniversary: deep carve, double lustre and epoxy inlay

60th Anniversary: deep carve, laser two-tone, rotary engrave and surface imprint

65th Anniversary: deep carve, laser engrave, rotary engrave and surface imprint

70th Anniversary: deep carve, lustre and etch paint

75th Anniversary: deep carve, laser engrave, rotary engrave and surface imprint

Winning bid - $3,300.00

#7507     Ayers Rock Collectible

Ayers Rock, also called Uluru, is considered a sacred place by the native people of Australia. The striking monolith 3.6 km long and rises almost 350 meters above the vast pancake-flat red sandy plain of Australia. Zippo’s surface imprint process on high polish chrome captures its breathtaking beauty.

This lighter was first produced in 1993, to be sold only in the gift shop at “the Rock”. The store closed some three years later and production of the lighter was ceased. This rare lighter is said to be one of the last in existence.

Winning bid - $475.00

#7508     Indian Independence

In 1997, India celebrated 50 years of independence and commemorated the event with a limited edition release of 125 Zippo lighter sets. This is number one of the limited edition set, complete with the Certificate of Authenticity. The lighter displays the words “50 Years of Independence 1947-1997” on the lid and a navy blue wheel with 24 spokes, known as the Ashoka Chakra, on the bottom; along with an orange and green ribbon; all dominate in the Indian national flag. This celebratory set was produced in September 1996 and is packaged in a black and gold Zippo gift box.

Winning bid - $225.00

#7509     Last for One Set

The Korean market has literally put a whole new spin on the Zippo Hot Tour contest looking for the individual or team with the hottest dance moves. Breakdancing, also known as breaking or b-boying, is the preferred dance style of the competition. One of the most famous b-boy groups in Korea is Last For One who won first prize at the 2005 Battle of the Year in Germany and headlined the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour event in Korea.

To commemorate the relationship between Zippo Hot Tour Korea and Last For One an antique silver plate lighter was surface imprinted with the Last For One logo and equipped with a Last For One chain. This limited edition lighter is number 2 of 410. Also included in the set is number 22 of 300 of the 2006 Zippo Hot Tour Korea event lighters.

A 2006 Zippo Hot Tour Korea highlight CD, which also includes Last For One performance from Germany in 2005 is included in the set, all displayed in a wooden Zippo shadowbox.

Winning bid - $350.00

#7510    One of a kind airbrush design by Claudio Mazzi

This exquisite Zippo lighter is hand painted by Italian airbrush artist and Zippo licensor Claudio Mazzi.

The one-of-a-kind lighter depicts the face of Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell with his world famous product and the official Zippo 75th anniversary logo.

Winning bid - $1,600.00

#7511     Indian Feather Favorite

The history of this lighter is simple: it is the favorite model of Zippo’s Latvian distributor. This Zippo lighter displays an Indian feather emblem adorned with a brilliant turquoise stone. The high polish chrome lighter was part of the Southwest Series in the 2004 Complete Line Catalog.

Winning bid - $125.00

#7512     Croatian Flag

High polish chrome Zippo lighter imprinted with the Croatia Flag. This 2004 sample lighter represents the first time that the Croatian military requested that the Croatian Flag be imprinted on any Zippo lighter. From this lighter, thousands of additional orders for Zippo lighters imprinted with the identical Croatian Flag have been placed for military purposes and to be shared between members of NATO.

Winning bid - $150.00

#7513     Denmark "Stop Violence" Collectible Lighter

In 1997, Zippo’s Scandinavian distributor, Jorgen Isbrand, commissioned this lighter to help stop the violence among young people in Denmark. The black matte lighter has a bullet emblem attached with the words STOP VOLDEN, Danish for Stop Violence, engraved below the emblem.

The stop the violence campaign in Denmark was a great success in part because of these Zippo lighters, and many still carry these lighters today to signal that they are not violent people.

Winning bid - $200.00

#7514     The Irish Claddagh

The Claddagh, one of the best-loved Irish symbols is laser engraved on this Zippo lighter produced in November of 2006.

The distinctive design features two hands clasping a heart and is surmounted by a crown. The elements of the symbol correspond to the qualities of love (the heart), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (the crown). Accompanying the lighter is a Peterson pipe engraved with the Zippo 75th Anniversary logo.

This is a one-of-a-kind prototype pipe that will be released as a special 75th Anniversary pipe set later this year. This Peterson pipe has a natural finish — pipes with such a finish are extremely rare and are referred to as “High Grades”. In edition to this “High Grade” finish, the pipe features a sterling silver band with the Zippo 75th Anniversary logo engraved on the silver.

Winning bid - $200.00

#7515     W.R. Case Bowie Knife & Zippo Lighter Collectible Set

W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company, one of America's oldest and finest cutlery manufacturers, became a Zippo subsidiary in May 1993. To honor Zippo's 75th anniversary, Case has created an extraordinary one-of-a-kind Bowie knife. The custom Tru-Sharp™ stainless steel Bowie blade has been wire cut and embellished with the 75th anniversary logo, along with a custom cut nickel silver guard in a Z-shaped design.

The back side of the blade displays a prototype stamp, and the end cap is engraved with George G. Blaisdell's initials. A heavy wall Armor™ Zippo lighter, deep carved to simulate the texture of the knife handle, is embedded in the genuine Stag handle. The lighter sports the 75th anniversary bottom stamp and the 75th anniversary logo engraved in chrome with a hand-carved stag flame.

winning bid - $2,500.00

#7516     Dracula

The name Dracula conjures up visions of a bloodthirsty vampire, but in fact, Dracula was a respected leader in ancient Romanian history. The Zippo lighter in this set displays a regal Vlad Tepes, Dracula himself.

Vlad Tepes, Vlad III, was born in 1431, in the fortress of Sighisoara, Romania. His father, Vlad Dracul or Vlad II, at that time appointed military governor of Transylvania by the emperor Sigismund, had been inducted into the Order of the Dragon about one year before. The main goals of such a secret fraternal order of knights were to protect the interests of Catholicism, and to crusade against the Turks.

The word for dragon in Romanian is drac and ul is the definitive article. Vlad III’s father thus came to be known as Vlad Dracul, or Vlad the dragon. In Romanian the ending ulea means the son of. Under this interpretation, Vlad III thus became Vlad Dracula, or the son of the dragon. Vlad Dracula was a leader who in his time, rid the country of thieves, bandits, murders and corrupt people.

Accompanying the Zippo lighter is an elegantly painted wooden plaque with the portrait of the great Romanian leader.

Winning bid - $175.00

#7517     Zippo "Bling Bling"

Swarovski crystals and Zippo lighters are known throughout the world. This exquisite collectible is the first production model of the unique new Zippo “Bling Bling” Collection produced solely for Switzerland.

This rare and breathtaking piece is bottom stamped October of 2006 and is pillowed in a black velour case. Like the snow in the Swiss mountains, this lighter will shine everyday.

Winning bid - $450.00

#7518     World Poker Tour Collectible

For two years, Zippo has teamed up with the fast craze of the World Poker Tour (WPT) and produced a series of popular poker-themed Zippo lighters. This collectible set contains a sample Zippo lighter that was approved by WPT but was never put into full production.

The black matte lighter displays a surface imprinted WPT design. Accompanying the sample lighter is an official WPT poker chip set in a metal case complete with cards, dice and chips.

Winning bid - $225.00

#7519     Zippo UK Collectors Edition Prototype

This Armor™ high polished chrome Zippo lighter is the only prototype of the first sample run of the Zippo UK Collectors Club 2007 collectible of the year lighter. Manufactured in September 2006, the initial order was slated to produce 150 lighters indicated on this prototype by 1 of 150 engraved on the side. The actual order that came from Zippo UK raised the total quantity to 200 consecutively numbered pieces.

This one-of-a-kind prototype was produced on heavy-walled Armor, using two processes, deep carve and surface imprint, to capture its exquisite beauty.

Winning bid - $400.00

#7520     Filipino Freedom Collectibles

This set of Zippo lighters commemorates the 100th Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines celebrated June 12, 1998. The Philippines were under Spanish rule from 1565 until 1898.

The surface imprinted design on the Zippo red and blue matte lighters was inspired by the design of the Philippine flag. The words inscribed have great meaning to the Filipino people: Kalayaan meaning “freedom” and the phrase Kayamanan ng Bayan meaning “Wealth of the Nation.” There were only 219 of each lighter produced.

Winning bid - $300.00

#7521    One of a kind table lighter by Roseart Company    

Made exclusively by the Roseart Company for Zippo's 75th Anniversary auction this high polish gold plated Zippo lighter sits in a gold plated trim ring atop a cherry wood base with a Danish oil finish. The front of the table lighter base depicts famous Zippo icons: the Zippo Car, Windy and the world-famous Zippo logo and flame. “Roseart 1 of 1 Limited Edition” is laser engraved down the side and “Congratulations Zippo 75 years 1932-2007” complements the back side.

The cherry table lighter base has only been offered a few select times since the Roseart Company reopened in 2002.

Winning bid - $600.00

#7522     Polish Pride

This surface imprinted Zippo lighter beautifully displays the Polish coat of arms, consisting of a white eagle set against a red shield. The eagle is wearing a crown and has golden claws and beak. This collectible set from Poland includes a flask imprinted with the white eagle. The lighter and flask set is pillowed in black satin in a black wooden display box enhanced with a photo montage inside the box capturing Poland's breathtaking beauty and famous landmarks.

This collectible set is coupled with a bottle of Zubrowka Polish Vodka, which is produced and bottled by Polmos Bialystok S.A. in Poland.

Winning bid - $225.00

#7523     Bulgarian Football Favorite

Bulgaria's capital city of Sofia is home to the most supported Bulgarian football clubs, Levski Sofia or simply Levski. This lighter depicts the Levski official team logo. Since its beginning on May 24, 1914, the team has gone on to win some 24 league titles and 25 national cups. Levski is the current champion of the 16-team Bulgarian A Professional Football Group, which is known as the top division of Bulgarian football. Levski has also been competitive in three Cup Winner' quarter-finals and two UEFA Cup quarter-finals.

Winning bid - $150.00

#7524     Robbie Gordon Autographed Zippo Lighter

Manufactured in January 2007, this pad printed Zippo lighter depicts the #7 Jim Beam race car crossing the finish line. The pad printed images appears on the top and bottom of the front face of the lighter. Making this NASCAR lighter unique is the autograph of Robbie Gordon that appears on the bottom of the lighter.

Winning bid - $225.00

#7525     The French Trio

To commemorate the 1998 tour of Johnny Hallyday, the French singer and actor who began his rock’n roll career in the 1960’s, this 500-piece limited edition lighter was produced by Zippo France. This particular lighter displays, Edition Limitee 012/500 on the lid and is packaged in a silver Zippo tin. A sculptured World Cup emblem on a high polish chrome lighter celebrates France’s 3-0 defeat over Brazil in the 1998 World Cup. Limited to 5,000 pieces this collectible is pillowed in a walnut box complete with the France 98 officially licensed logo.The third collectible is the Olympique de Marseille limited edition Zippo lighter. Numbered one of 1000, this lighter features the football club’s motto Droit Au But, French for Straight to the Goal and is displayed in a silver tin. Olympique de Marseille is a Marseille-based football team that plays in the top level of the French Football League. Founded in 1899, it is one of the largest and most successful football clubs in France, being the only French team to win the UEFA Champions League in 1993.

Winning bid - $325.00

#7526     Playboy Prototype Zippo Lighter

This high polish chrome Armor™ Zippo lighter was developed for release in the 2007 Zippo Choice Anniversary Edition in summer 2007. After being approved by Playboy, the lighter was revised to eliminate the Swarovski crystal as the Playboy bunny eye. This is a one-of-a-kind prototype, the only one with a genuine Swarovski crystal as the Playboy bunny eye, was manufactured in September 2006.

This prototype is engraved on the reverse bottom, “Choice '07 Prototype 75th Anniversary”.

Winning bid - $575.00

#7527     Major League Baseball Collectible Set

Major League Baseball steps up to the plate with four Zippo lighters bearing the evolution of the Pittsburgh Pirates logo and an official MLB used base.

The quartet of Zippo lighters depicts the changes that the Pirates logo has gone through since 1999. The first lighter in the set was manufactured in 1999 and was available until 2002. The second, manufactured in 2001 was in production until 2004. The logo took a dramatic change in 2004 and remained the same until 2007. The set of lighters is topped off with the MLB Pittsburgh Pirates lighter currently offered in Zippo’s full line catalog.

The official base was used during a Father’s Day game at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 20, 2004.

Winning bid - $275.00

#7528     Spirit of Greece

The first Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896 and never returned to its birthplace until the 2004 Olympic summer games. This set of three Zippo lighters captures the spirit of ancient Greek competitors in three Olympic events: running, Greco-Roman wrestling and javelin. The images come together using the Zippo stucco process. The set was produced in September 2004 and available only in Greece.

Winning bid - $400.00

#7529     Treasures from Taiwan

In 1995, Zippo commemorated World War II milestones with Zippo: A Remembrance, Volume One, a set of four solid brass Zippo lighters remembering the Battle of Britain, Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, and the U.S.S. Missouri. Displayed in a leatherette presentation volume, the set is accompanied by a commemorative gold key disc. This set is number 11,153 of the 25,000 pieces produced. The lighters are unique as they are inscribed with “Hole in One by Tony 10/31/95”. A Zippo distributor in Taiwan purchased 100 sets and had them inscribed with the date of his first hole-in-one to give to his friends as a memorial gift.

Joining the set is a Zippo lighter that was also produced in 1995. In June of 1994, the Taiwan Navy received three warships from the United States Navy in Long Beach, California: KNOX FFG-935, FFG-936, and FFG-937. Taiwan sent some 1,500 officers and soldiers into training with the U.S. in order to strengthen their military forces. The training was completed in August of 1995, and the Taiwan Navy was officially on duty upon the three vessels. To commemorate that event, 3,000 pieces of this collectible Zippo lighter were produced and given to the officers and soldiers. This Zippo lighter bears the flags of the two nations on an ivory ultra-light chip.

Winning bid - $450.00

#7530     Portuguese Symbolism Collectible Set

The Galo de Barcelos or the Rooster of Portugal is the country's national symbol, representing honesty, integrity, trust, and honor. The sea vessel Sagres symbolizes the country's fighting strength and courage. This set brings these two icons, both were produced in 2007 and both available only in Portugal, together.

Vibrant surface imprint depicts the flamboyant Portuguese rooster on classic high polished chrome. The majestic three-masted tall ship, Sagres is laser engraved on the second lighter in this elegant set.

winning bid - $125.00

#7531     From the Privat Stock at Jack Daniels

Good things often start in small towns!

From the first barrel in 1866, and still to this day, Lynchburg, Tennessee, is the only place in the world where Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is produced. This bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey is from the 2006 Master Distiller's Private Stock of current Head Distiller, Jimmy Bedford. Since 1866, only six men have served as head distillers, starting with Mr. Jack Daniel himself.

The bottle, which is signed by Bedford and CEO of Jack Daniel's, Paul C. Varga, bears the handwritten message, “Congratulations on your 75th anniversary Zippo”.

Jack Daniel's bottles only a limited quantity of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, marking each bottle with a rick number, barrel number and date of bottling. The bottle is valued at over $500 and comes with a signed information card about Bedford.

Accompanying the bottle of Single Barrel is a limited edition lighter, number 7 of 5,000, introduced in the 2007 Choice Catalog Anniversary Edition. The classic “Old No. 7 Brand” logo and new “I Know Jack” slogan are deep carved adjacent to the world famous Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey bottle, surface imprinted on an Armor™ high polish chrome Zippo lighter.

Winning bid - $550.00

#7532     Kazakhstan Collectible Set

This set contains three Zippo lighters from Kazakhstan, the seventh largest country in the world. Two identical lighters, both produced in 2001 and sold only in Kazakhstan, bear the map of Kazakhstan.

The third Zippo lighter in the set was produced for Megasport Trade Network to commemorate an off-road rally known as Tianshan Rally. The Tianshan Rally is held in the Tianshan Mountains which are the backside of the Himalayan Mountains. This lighter was made exclusively for the event.

Winning bid - $125.00

#7533     Zippo Signet Lighter

To commemorate Zippo’s 70th anniversary in 2002, George Duke and Sarah Dorn commissioned 300, exclusive 18-karat solid gold lighters in tribute to Zippo George G. Blaisdell.

The Signet Lighter is specially engraved with the design of the Zippo signet ring commissioned by George G. Blaisdell from Tiffany Jewelers in the 1950’s. The image displays a 1932 lighter, with ZIPPO at the top and BRADFORD, PENNA. below. The year 1933 is shown directly beneath the lighter. At the very bottom of the seal is the word LABORANT, Latin for “they work” - a most appropriate description for a Zippo lighter.

This Signet Lighter bears the engraved signatures of Sarah Dorn and George Duke along with 75 of 300 on the reverse bottom surface of the lighter. The hinge side is engraved with GGB, and the years 1941 and 2002. Opposite the hinge is the 18k engraving that certifies the lighter as solid gold.

This Zippo Signet Lighter is packaged in a deluxe cherry presentation box handcrafted in Bradford from Pennsylvania hardwoods. A solid granite plaque framed in rich cherry displays a deep laser engraved image of the signet design on the box lid. An exceptional component of the Zippo Signet Lighter is the certificate of authenticity embedded in the bottom panel of every box. Each certificate is numbered and personally signed by Sarah Dorn and George Duke. A pillowed insert cradles the solid gold lighter in plush burgundy satin, and a satin-covered support unfolds to display the lighter in an upright position. The inside lid is enhanced with an antique brass Zippo logo medallion.

Winning bid - $2,400.00

#7534     75th Anniversary Prototypes

These Zippo lighter prototypes were developed and considered for the limited edition and commemorative 75th anniversary lighters. One of the prototypes is deep lasered, surface mark lasered, epoxy filled with red, and embellished with a genuine Swarovski ® crystal. The second is deep carved and surface mark lasered. Both of the collectible look-a-likes were produced in January 2006.

The third lighter in the set, similar to the two-tone laser engraved 75th anniversary commemorative lighter, was been deep carved and surface mark lasered and produced in September 2005. All three designs are displayed on high polish Zippo Armor™.

Winning bid - $625.00

#7535     Zippo Flamme Deutschland Collectibles

These exclusive club lighters were offered only to members of the German Zippo Collectors Club. Club Zippo 2005 is the club collectible of the year, limited to 200 pieces. Zippo Circle of Light is one of 200 manufactured in 2006 and Zippo Wochenende was manufactured in 2005 and limited to 100 pieces. Each lighter is engraved with Zippo Flamme Deutschland on the side.

The First Light gift set is one of 200 produced for the 2005 European Swap Meet. The “First Light gift set” includes a Zippo Sapphire surface imprinted lighter, a sturdy plastic Z-clip, surface imprinted refillable personal fuel canister, a 6-flint dispenser, and a 4 oz. tin of Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid.

Winning bid - $300.00

#7536     20th Anniversary of Zippo South Africa

In 2002, Zippo South Africa celebrated their 20th Anniversary. To commemorate the milestone, 50 limited edition lighters were produced and this particular lighter is one of the last remaining of the limited edition run.

The lighter depicts the South African flag colors imposed upon a map outline of the country on a beautiful Spectrum™ model lighter. Zippo South Africa was established in 1982.

Winning bid - $100.00

#7537     Rare Japanese Treasures

This set of extremely rare Zippo lighters commemorates two historical events: the opening of Tokyo Disneyland in April of 1983 and the Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles, CA in 1984.

The Tokyo Disneyland Zippo lighter was sold for only two years and was then discontinued, never to be sold again. The XXIII Summer Olympiad was held in Los Angeles and “Sam the Olympic Eagle” was named the mascot of the games. “Sam” was designed by Disney artist C. Robert Moore. Japan was given special licensing rights to depict this image on a Zippo lighter.

Both lighters have a date code of 1982.

Winning bid - $1,400.00

#7538     Two Gods & White Gold 1932 Replica

Two Japanese mythical gods of nature, Fujin the god of wind and Raijin the god of thunder are depicted with the Japanese world-class traditional technique of Takamaki-E. This technique, developed during the Muronachi period, is accomplished when metallic powders are applied to soft surface designs built up through a mixture of lacquer and charcoal or clay dust. They were then covered by a protective lacquer coat and polish.

Complementing the mythical gods lighter is a white gold plated 1932 replica lighter, part of the second release of the model. The white gold plated model was discontinued in 1999 and is an extremely rare and valuable piece. The white gold plating is an alloy of gold and one white metal such as silver or allodium.

Winning bid - $600.00

#7539     Limited Edition Zippo GmbH Annual Lighters

Each of these three lighters is an Annual Lighter of Zippo Germany, one of only 1,000 manufactured for that year.

In 2003, Zippo Germany commemorated their 10 year anniversary with a high polished chrome Armor™ lighter, deep carved with Zippo flames 10 years and 2003. The back is engraved with 1st Decade Lighter 10th Annual Lighter Zippo Limited Edition 2003 0914/1000.

The 2005 Annual Lighter is a high polished chrome Armor™ lighter, deep carved and inlayed with red epoxy to enhance the famous Zippo flame. Inscribed on the back is the German word Jahrgangsmodell, a German word meaning Class Model, 2005 and 0517/1000.

The third lighter in the set is the 2006 Annual Lighter. Like the 2005 model, this lighter is a high polish chrome Armor™, deep carved with a red epoxy inlay. Jahrgangsmodell is engraved on the back, along with 2006 and 803/1000.

Winning bid -$250.00

#7540     Guy Harvey Prints & Lighter Set

Guy Harvey was inspired at an early age by famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway's Old Man and the Sea and created 44 original pen and ink drawings depicting the story.

This collectible set contains two of those paintings Old Man and Blue Marlin, replicated on two limited edition Zippo lighters. Both lighters, limited to 2,000 consecutively numbered pieces each, are packaged in the Zippo click clack tins. Old Man is number 7 of 2000, and Blue Marlin is number 7 of 2000. Two framed limited edition artist prints, Maui Blue (number 181 of 200) and The Old Man (numbered 167 of 200) accompany the collectible lighters.

Winning bid - $675.00

#7541    Zippo Choice Anniversary Edition Prototype Lighters

Traditionally, Zippo’s mid-year catalog, Zippo Choice, introduces new finishes and customization processes. Of the many, many designs and concepts submitted, only a selected number of lighters are chosen to appear in the catalog.

The 16 lighters in this collection are prototypes of lighters that were considered worthy to be featured in the anniversary edition of Zippo Choice. All of theses prototype lighter designs have been revised and the revised versions will appear in Choice 2007. Engraving on the reverse bottom authenticates each lighter as Choice '07 Prototype 75th Anniversary.

The following is a listing of the 16 lighters and the revisions that were done for the Choice 2007 Catalog:

Chrome Visions - Process was changed to laser two-tone to outline Zippo & flame

Lucky Horseshoe - Removed the words Lady Luck and GGB initials

Defenders of Freedom - Initials GGB were removed and design was modified slightly

For The Love Of Chrome - New production method - Double Lustre and the design was slightly modified.

Zippo Founder -signature George G. Blaisdell was added to the reverse on the revision

Engraved Filigree - Reduced auto engraved area

Chrome Generations - Changed fill pattern

Starburst - Reduced circle at the focus point and a reverse surface was added

Deep V - Blue was changed to a deep shade of blue

Justice For All - Initials GGB were removed and some white was removed from gown

Venetian Floral - First run of lustre under epoxy fill and the design was modified under the red epoxy fill

The 30’s - Initials GGB were removed

The 40’s - Initials GGB were removed

The 50’s - Initials GGB were removed

The 60’s - Initials GGB were removed

The 70’s - Initials GGB were removed

Winning bid - $650.00

#7542     Zippo BLU Butane Prototype Lighters & Display

In the fall of 2007 Zippo will launch The Zippo BLU™ refillable butane pocket lighter to the domestic market. This set of five elegant Zippo BLU prototypes have gone through three outside processes to capture their exquisite detail: diamond-drag engraving, selective gold plating and a satin and high polish finish.

These one-of-a-kind Zippo BLU prototypes are showcased in a Zippo BLU prototype display case.

Winning bid - $1,150.00

#7543     Original 1933 Zippo Lighter

Collectors fantasize about owning an authentic 1933 Zippo lighter, but few ever have the opportunity to make the dream a reality. For the first time, Zippo has extracted an original high polish chrome 1933 lighter from the company vault, and is offering it for bid at this 75th Anniversary Celebration Auction.

This lighter has never been out of Zippo's possession. Distinctive features such as the longer length, sharper side planes, outside hinge, and square corners validate this lighter as a genuine 1933 Zippo model. The insert displays a claw-shaped cam characteristic of the first year of production. The high polish chrome finish is in very good to mint condition.

Winning bid - $37,000.00