special  bottom  stamp

special solid brass insert w/14 hole chimney and open holed rivet on flint wheel

brushed chrome A  Zippo  02
1941 replica fewer than 250 made
This Zippo was given to participants of the 
Zippo international sales meeting held at the 
University of  Pittsburgh Oct. 10-12, 2002.
german commemorative edition reverse side 399 / 500
L  ZIPPO  01 black ice w/24k gold inlay
test  sample version as seen above
The version on the left is a test sample from the sales tent at the Swap Meet 2002.
The engravings are much clearer than on the german edition and
there is no engraving on the back side.
japanese 70th anniversary commemorative E  ZIPPO  02 black ice
Southern Lights Club Zippo reverse side 37 / 50
D  ZIPPO  02 black ice
Executive Diary 2002
70th anniversary mug
70th anniversary



2002   70th Anniversary 125 ml 4 fl. oz

70th anniversary

cent never spent