The 1998 Collectible
of the Year honors
the re-introduction
of the Zippo car.
During the late1940s 
and early 50s 
the Zippo Car won 
America's heart, 
appearing in parades, 
expos, and fairs 
in all 48 states.
It disappeared under 
in the early 1970's.
In 1996, Zippo 
a replica of the 
original Zippo car,
and in 1998
the second Chrysler Saratoga - New Yorker, complete with two giant lighters with two
"flames" stretching above the roof line, was unveiled at the Zippo/Case Visitors Center.
The Zippo Car commemorative features a brushed chrome lighter with pewter emblem
replicas of the Zippo car on the lower half of the case, and its original Bradford,
Pennsylvania "ZIPPO" license plate on the lid. The commemorative set includes
a pewter "ZIPPO" license plate key ring, and is packaged in a custom tin
depicting nostalgic scenes of the many places visited by the car.

brushed chrome

1998 Limited Edition Collectible
The key chains and the tie tac were promotional giveaways.
The sales display measures 14" x 8.5"