The Zippo Alarm Clock was made back in 1959. It is about 4 1/4 inch high,
the casing is made of cream white colored plastic and holds a Westclox alarm 
clock mechanism. Westclox products were worldwide known these days.

There are many speculations about this item. The most plausible says   
that these alarm clocks were ordered by a zippo salesman from IL at 
Westclox Mfg Co., La Salle-Peru, Illinois as a gift for his customers.
The rumours about existing numbers of this alarm clock do also count  from only six known up to forty-one that are in collector's hands worldwide.
Fact is that one of these famous alarm clocks  is pictured in David Poore's
book on page 175 as #196A and that this alarm clock exists in two different 
casing colors, cream white and light blue and that there are fakes known
done with a re-printed dial and a non-Westclox alarm clock mechanisms.

detail of the real Westclox alarm clock mechanisms

Charles Stahlberg founded the United Clock Co. in 1884
in La Salle-Peru, Illinois.
In 1885 F.W. Matthiessen acquired the plant and
formed the Western Clock Manufacturing Company.
After 1925 the company changed it's name to the Western Clock Company
and became a division of the General Time Instruments Division in 1930.
In 1936 it was renamed to Westclox.
By 1903 over one million alarm clocks were being produced each year 
which the company was famous for worldwide.

Western Clock Company factory in La Salle-Peru, Illinois ca.1910