500 Millionth Replica Edition Lighter

Like the actual 500 Millionth lighter, the 500 Millionth Replica Edition will feature a classic brushed chrome finish with two-tone engraving.  Approximately 50,000 pieces will be created, each engraved with an individual serial number on the front of the case. The 500 Millionth Replica lighter will be packaged in a custom box and will retail for $50.00.
A unique bottom stamp, used exclusively on Zippo lighters produced on June 5, will feature the month, day and year of the production.

500 Millionth Limited Edition Lighter

The 500 Millionth Limited Edition commemorative lighter will feature a deep carved high polish Armor® case stylized with rich gold color fill and enhanced with a gold-flashed insert. Approximately 10,000 pieces will be created, each with a unique serial number lasered on the front of the case.
The 500 Millionth Limited Edition lighter will be packaged in a beautiful custom folio box with an oval shaped brass companion piece.
The oval-shaped "blank" is what is cut, pressed, stamped, welded, plated, buffed, and assembled into a Zippo lighter. The retail price is $100.

Like the replica commemorative lighter, this model will also feature an exclusive, one-day bottom stamp.

500 Million employees only
same bottom stamp like replica edition



80th Anniversary
2012 Sales Meeting
K  ZIPPO  11 November 2011
high polish chrome regular size
limited edition  employees only
80th Anniversary / 500 Million
2012 Global Sales Meeting
E  ZIPPO  12 May 2012
high polish chrome regular size
limited edition employees only



500 Million - Planeta deAgostini, Portugal        L  ZIPPO  12  (December 2012)


On May 14, 2012 the Zippo Headquarters building on Barbour Street was

decorated with three huge banners announcing the forthcoming milestone

to be celebrated on June 5, 2012.



On June 5, 2012 at 8:26 a.m. the case for the actual 500 millionth

lighter came off the metal press...

The case got computer engraved at the Zippo plant...

...and stamped with the time it was finished — 10:51 a.m.

Jim McDonough, Zippo’s vice president of operations, who

personally guided the lighter through each step of production

presented the finished Zippo to the participating employees.



At about 11 a.m. the lighter’s brushed chrome-plated brass case and

its insert were then passed along hand-to-hand a few hundred yards

from the plant & the Zippo museum by each of the 620 employees.