Local Bradford artist Tom Seagren 
did the artwork for the
Bradford Historical Buildings Series.
This series was commissioned by the
Bradford Chamber Of Commerce.
Limited to 750 numbered sets 
each Zippo shows one of downtown
Bradford's recognizable landmarks
and includes a COA telling the
history behind the building.
The metal tin cover is handsigned
by artist Tom Seagren.

Bradford Historical Buildings Series
matching  set          all  numbered  73 / 750

Bradford Historical Buildings Series
different numbers & c.o.as
Old City Hall
Bradford, PA
circa 1897
123 / 750
handsigned by Tom Seagren
A  ZIPPO XVI cream matte
Pennzoil Building
Bradford, PA
circa 1904
66 / 750
J  ZIPPO  XVI black matte
Grand Theatre
Bradford, PA
circa 1910
54 / 750
B  ZIPPO  02 cream matte
Bradford Club
circa 1883
64 / 750
D  ZIPPO  02 teal matte