Annual  Zippo  Click  Collectors  Club  Lighter  2003

George G. Blaisdell Tribute Lighter

This commemorative was produced exclusively for Zippo Click Collectors Club members,
available for a limited time only. The high polish chrome lighter features a black anodized
aluminum chip with a photo etched portrait of Mr. Blaisdell holding his iconic creation.
 Set against a classic photograph of Mr. Blaisdell, this lighter is presented in a magnetic 
shadow box. These special tribute lighters were manufactured only for orders received by
October 15, 2003 and were limited one per zippo click member.
Model #20096 shadowbox & Zippo K  ZIPPO  03 high polish chrome
The backside of the shadowbox reads:
George Grant Blaisdell
"Mr. Zippo"
June 5, 1895 - October 3, 1978
In 1932, George Grant Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in Bradford Pa.
The first Zippo windproof lighter was produced early the following year. 
He operated his beloved company under a very basic principle: 
"Build your product with integrity, stand behind it 100%, and success will follow." 
Over four hundred million Zippo lighters later, that same principle is still true today.
His original design remains virtually unchanged, and every Zippo lighter still carries
the world famous Zippo Guarantee that "It works or we fix it free."
Zippo lighters are among the most collected pieces of 20th century Americana 
- a tribute to Blaisdell and his invention.
This high polish chrome commemorative lighter features a classic portrait of
Mr. Blaisdell holding his iconic creation, photo etched on a black anodized aluminium chip.
Today, the flame still burns bright and the Blaisdell legacy lives on.
ZippoClick 2003 Club Collectible