Annual  Zippo  Click  Collectors  Club  Lighter  2002
The first official Zippo Click members-only lighter featured the popular 
brushed chrome 1941 replica, showcasing the logo in full color. 
Members had the option of having their lighter engraved with their 
member number. Lighters for the first 1,000  Zippo Click members also 
carry “Charter Member”  engraved on the front lid. Several distinguishing 
characteristics identify the 1941 replica. The 1941 case has flat planes with 
sharp, less rounded edges where the front and back surfaces meet the 
sides. The lid and the bottom are joined with a four-barrel hinge, just as 
they were on the original 1941 design, rather than the current five-barrel 
hinge. The inside unit closely replicates the design of the original 1941 
model inside unit. Like the outside, the sides of the inside unit are flatter, 
with squared edges where they meet the front and back surfaces. 
The chimney has fewer holes than the current inside unit & a hollow rivet 
holds the striking wheel in place, like the original 1941 design. A certificate 
of authenticity completed this Zippo Click introductory commemorative.

B  ZIPPO  02 brushed chrome